Monday, June 16, 2008


It seems like law enforcement around the country has been really busy in the last several weeks. You have people selling children out of Mexico. You have stories coming out of Nigeria. You have stories coming out of China and Vietnam. You have women pretending to be pregnant which we have seen out of Texas. So seriously what is going to take to get people to listen? Now you have people pretending to be attorneys to scam adoptive parents.

I know and understand that infertility sucks. I get that. Do you realize how vulnerable of place you are in because of that desire to have a child? Think about that. We need to change adoption. Its going to take prospective adoptive parents to join in on this. Adoptive parents, adoptees and natural parents have been screaming about this for years. I mean years. Its getting progressively worse. It doesn't even matter which state or even which country.

Obviously adopters out there are comfortable with knowing that they are stealing children from their parents. Are you though? There are cases popping up everywhere. Texas got another case recently. He is a father out of Houston. The agency of course is LDS Social Services of Houston. Can you live with yourself knowing that you have taken a child through unethical means? We have Camira Bailey, Shawn McDonald, Matt Tenneson, Bryce Carkhuff, Bryn Ayre, Ibbaanika Bond, and many others. It must stop. You can stop it. You can demand transparency and openness.

Here is the link and the story:

Police arrest woman impersonating lawyer

June 16, 2008

JOLIET -- A woman police say attempted to pass herself off as an attorney will become even more familiar with the legal system.

Misty Giblin, 31, of 3501 Silver Leaf Drive was arrested Thursday afternoon on a charge of impersonating a lawyer.

"It's one of the stranger cases we've had," Chief Fred Hayes said.

Giblin, who is also known as Misty Paganessi, befriended a couple that lives in her neighborhood and told them she was a lawyer specializing in divorce and family law, Hayes said.

"She became fairly close to this couple, watching their children and attending the birth of one child," he said.

In January, Giblin reportedly asked the couple if they'd be interested in adopting a child who would be taken away from an unfit mother.

"She had the couple sign some 'legal' documents as part of the adoption process, but the couple became suspicious when she told them they weren't allowed to keep copies because it was a private adoption," Hayes said.

The couple's suspicions increased recently when Giblin told them the mother was ready to give birth and would need money orders for $70, $40 and $5.

Hayes said a friend of the couple doubted Giblin's legitimacy and directed them to the Department of Corrections web site.

The web site indicates Giblin was paroled from the Dwight Correctional Center in June 2006 where she was serving a three-year sentence for theft and passing bad checks in Cook County. Giblin was scheduled to be released from parole on Thursday.

In 2003 she was sentenced to two years for two counts of impersonating a lawyer in Will County. She was also convicted of theft and passing bad checks in DuPage County that same year.

On June 6, the couple contacted Joliet police, who began an investigation that determined Giblin is not a lawyer, Hayes said.

A warrant with a $40,000 bond was issued and Giblin was arrested at her residence at 2:18 p.m. Thursday.

Hayes said Giblin complained of breathing problems shortly after her arrest and was examined at Silver Cross Hospital before being booked into the county jail.

Her booking form lists her occupation as "homemaker."

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