Wednesday, June 04, 2008


An agency that does adoption merging with a rape crisis center takes all the cake. Forget everything else. There is something just sick in this. Just sick. A woman gets raped and also gets hit up to give a possible child up for adoption. This is the stuff we should be fighting. This is an immoral and unethical combination. Pure and simple. I wonder if this will be lost on everyone else. It sure as hell isn't lost on me.

This is why adoption agencies need to be held accountable. Women will be denied the morning after pill. Women will be denied decent counseling because an agency wants a child to sell. This puts women in a hole that they will never survive. They want us to believe that this is a good thing. Sorry this is horrible. A woman is raped and they want to put pressure on her to give the baby up. They can really help the women who have been abused by taking their children. They won't provide services to help a woman get on her feet and raise her children. Just another reason for adoption. Yea right.

Here is the link. Here is the story.

Tucson Citizen

2 family-welfare agencies merge

Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault merging with Arizona's Children Association
Published: 06.04.2008
Arizona's Children Association, the state's largest contractor for foster care and adoption services, is merging with the Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault in Tucson. The merger was announced Tuesday.
It is the sixth nonprofit in Arizona to merge with the association.
Both agencies provide training in preventing child abuse and sexual assault.
Some of SACASA's prevention programs will be expanded across the state.
"It's an exciting opportunity to take our program statewide," Virginia Yrun, executive director of SACASA, said Tuesday.
"We really both see that prevention efforts statewide cannot help but be enhanced by our working together.
"Having a strong behavioral health program (throughout the state) completes a circle of prevention services. It's what has always been so important to SACASA."
Arizona's Children Assocition, the Tucson-based child welfare agency, has a budget this fiscal year of $40 million, said Fred Chaffee, the association's president and chief executive.
The other nonprofits that have merged with the association are New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development and Golden Gate Community Center, both in Phoenix; Child Haven in Yavapai County; and La Familias and The Parent Connection, both in Tucson.
The merger with the association will eliminate five administrative jobs at SACASA, which has an annual budget of $1.5 million.
Human resources and information technology services for SACASA will now be provided by existing association staff, Chaffee said.
SACASA provides services to English and Spanish speakers, Yrun said. It also offers a program, Su Voz Vale (Your Voice Counts), to Hispanics that aims to reduce domestic violence.
Services are - and will continue to be - available 24 hours a day to people who have re-experienced a trauma, recent survivors of abuse, a parent or partner of a survivor of abuse, Yrun said.
"Even if they are not Medicaid eligible or privately insured, or if they can't pay for services that day," people can get services at SACSA, she said.
Yrun and Chaffee said the merger permits SACASA to retain its brand and its services and spend more of its budget on direct client services.
"Our approach is to take good agencies with good brands and bring them into our family of agencies," Chaffee said.
The collaboration began as a series of informal talks, he said. "Their mission is part of our mission."
Yrun said the merger is an example of how an agency's mission can include a board of directors "modeling for the community how much can be gained by thoughtful strategic collaboration."

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