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Everyone knows about the "choose life" license plate program. I believe it even originated in Florida. It irritates me because the Right to Life promotes adoption over abortion. It doesn't give any money to the mothers themselves to actually help them get on their feet but instead they give this money to adoption agencies to continue the profit gaining in the industry. I guess it really ticks me off. This is money that these agencies use against me as an adoptee. This adoptee by the way is a tax paying citizen. Almost every agency in the any state gets some funds from the state or federal government. They use these funds against adoptees and their families to profit off adoption. We are all taxpayers that they deny equal access.

It seems to me that states give special privilege and immunity to the adoption industry. In most states, that is against their state constitutions. I don't think anyone has bothered to stop and really look at that. The laws in most states has declared adoption as being different,yet we deal with human life. What really makes adoption different that it warrants special privileges and immunity? I don't know but I don't like it. It just tells me that these laws serve to hurt those living adoption. It still tells me that these laws still treat us differently and unworthy because of our status.

Here is the link. Here is the story.

Funding adoption in Santa Rosa County.

Louis Cooper

Santa Rosa County residents have been purchasing “Choose Life” license plates with the intention of promoting adoption since 2000. That money, however, has never been used for anything — until now.

The Santa Rosa County Commission recently voted to designate Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida as the lead agency for the “Choose Life” campaign, which has accumulated more than $73,000 in Santa Rosa County to help promote and facilitate adoptions.

Precious Arnold, program coordinator for counseling and adoption services at Catholic Charities, said the cash Santa Rosa has saved will be more than enough to get started.

“Last year, in Escambia County, we started off with $102,000, and we’ve only spent $25,000,” Arnold said. “It goes a long way.”

People who purchase “Choose Life” plates pay an extra $20 each year for their tag, with that money being set aside for adoptions. Those funds may be used for direct services to birth mothers, training for staff members and public relations.

Arnold hopes to get the organization’s Milton office opened by Oct. 1. It will be in the offices of the Santa Rosa County United Way, 6580 U.S. 90, Milton.

Just because Catholic Charities — which was designated as the lead agency for Escambia and Okaloosa counties — is leading the Santa Rosa effort doesn’t mean it is the only organization that can benefit.

“Being the lead agency just means we hold the money,” Arnold said. “That just means we’re willing to be audited by the county.”

Instead of coordinating all of the adoptions itself, Catholic Charities works through a Choose Life committee made up of agencies that perform adoptions that meet certain criteria.

The Escambia Choose Life Committee comprises the Pensacola Pregnancy Resource Center, Hope Center for Teens, Safe Harbor and the Alpha Center.

Arnold hopes to establish a similar committee in Santa Rosa.

Some Santa Rosa residents who have purchased “Choose Life” license plates were surprised to hear the money hadn’t been used.

They also admit they are as interested in the “Choose Life” message as they are in promoting adoption. “Choose Life” is a slogan championed by those opposed to abortion.

“I did it primarily for the message,” said Pace resident Rick Olin. “I just wanted to take a stand against abortion.”

Milton’s George Thompson has similar feelings.

“We’ve had it several years now, maybe six or seven,” Thompson said. “We got it because we think life is better than abortion.”

When Catholic Charities joins the Untied Way in Milton, it will be the beginning of a new relationship between the two organizations.

“Their main need was for a place to put someone over here in this county so they could deal with adoption services,” said Guy Thompson, executive director of the United Way of Santa Rosa County and mayor of Milton. “That was something we could help them with.”

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