Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I ran across a blogger who was having issues getting her passport and stuff together. It sounded like it was step parent adoption. She was complaining about the hassle that she was receiving getting her passport. A birth certificate kind of thing. She had all of her documents proving everything. She was having pure hell getting it done.

Thanks to President Bush and Homeland Security, adoptees need their OBC's and copies of the adoption finalization. No ifs ands or buts about it. Its no longer a need for medical history. Its no longer a desire to search. Its plan and simple. We as adoptees need to be treated with equality. Are we to be prisoners in our country because we were adopted? Its beginning to sound like it.

I got this email from a Michigan group that I am in. Minnesota adoptees if you are having issues with getting a passport, contact the Minnesota group as soon as possible. Legislators don't like it when their constituents are having their rights denied.

So if any adoptee from any state is having this issue please address it with your legislator.

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