Saturday, June 07, 2008


I have always been a country girl in my heart. I don't do well in the city. Yes there are things that I miss but I am continuously grateful that I can recluse myself on my little part of the ranch. This evening we did something really cool.

At nine o'clock this evening, we stepped outside. I had initially wanted to go mess with our outside cats. All of us meandered outside and watched a new family begin to adopt our family. It is a set of barn owls living in our mineral trailer.

Two weeks ago, my daughter heard screeches of these delightful birds. We went outside then and watched five of them flying around. One even flew over us and we got a closer view of their faces. Barn owls are not like the Horned owl. They have these white faces.

I think its awesome thing to know that they have adopted our little hill as their home. At least I know that the rat and snake population will diminish with these gorgeous creatures flying about at night.

One night about ten years ago on my way home, I had a horn owl in the middle of the road. I actually slowed down and was able to drive past this wild looking owl staring back at me. It was a truly wonderful sight. Just country living at its finest.

This is why I love living out in the country. Peace and quiet. Listening to the animals around the house. Cats, dogs, horses, coyotes, bobcats, a mountain lion, deer, hogs, javelina, rabbits, rattlers, and now owls have traveled our hill. Just makes life that more special.

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