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Yep onto part two of this series. The Joint Council on International Children's Services is a big organization. It represents the agencies participating in international adoption programs. We are going to trace the money issue on this organization as well. They present themselves as government authority on international adoption. They are just a non profit organization of adoption agencies that deal in international adoption. There is no real representation of natural parents from other countries, adoptees from other countries, or international adoptive parents who are all not associated with an adoption agency.

There is no representatives from Bastard Nation, American Adoption Congress, OriginsUSA, Concerned United Birthparents or PEAR. Ethica, Inc. is the only advocacy group that is on their membership. They present themselves as the authority on adoption without involving all living adoption.

According to their website, these are their staff members:

Tom Difilipo is the CEO/President of the Joint Council on International Children' Services. He has worked at two other adoption agencies prior to coming on staff with this association. He only earned $40,000 in 2006. All of the numbers below are from the agencies' IRS form 990 in 2006. Comparing the numbers below to his current salary, he took a pay cut with this position. I wonder however if he really did.

He worked for International Children's Alliance as their Chief Operations Officer. Their income in 2006 was $1,261,759. They gave $26,976 in orphanage support. Their in country placement fees were $405,305. Their programs expenses were $71,848. They supported thirty orphanages in Russia and China. They worked with orphanages and private foster care for the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Guatemala, and Vietnam.

He worked for CASI as their Vice President. This adoption agency operates the Orphan Fund in conjunction with the Social Welfare Organization of Jiaocheng County of China. They operate in Haiti and China. CASI currently has over $5,000,000 in pledges to this agency. They also do domestic, foster and surrogacy arrangements. They are affiliated with Orphan Advocates, LLC. Their orphan relief expense was $459,916. Their international adoption services ran $634,129. They also received $24,722 in government grants. They also provide Medical assistance to orphans to make them more adoptable.

Joelle Ruben, Education & Research Program Manager joined JCICS in August 2006, to pursue a long-time interest in international adoption. She has also worked at Deloitte Consulting and the Corporate Executive Board in Washington, D.C. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (with majors in Journalism and International Studies), Ms. Ruben has studied abroad twice in Beijing, China and spent many hours in Mandarin classes.

Taylor Fleeson, Programs and Services Assistant,
has officially joined the Joint Council team as Programs and Services Assistant. Ms. Fleeson recently graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Psychology, focusing on developmental issues. She spent her junior year abroad in France and became fluent in French. Ms. Fleeson jumps at any chance for international travel and enjoys exposure to different cultures. Taylor is committed to permanency for all children and is very excited to begin a long career improving the lives of children worldwide at the Joint Council on International Children's Services

Anna Rough, Child Advocacy Program manager,
joined Joint Council in March 2008 to pursue her interests in child advocacy work. Ms. Rough graduated from the George Washington University in 2003 with a B.A. in International Relations. She previously worked at the Atlantic Council, also in Washington, D.C. Ms. Rough completed an M.E.S. in 2006 at the University of Krems, in Austria. Her thesis work focused on human rights policies, and she hopes to deepen her knowledge in this area through her work at Joint Council.

Emily Whitworth is joining JCICS as the summer 2008 Margi Miller Intern. She is a candidate for a Master’s of Public Administration at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, where she is studying the role of US initiatives working to address the needs of abandoned and orphaned adolescents in the developing world. Ms. Whitworth has worked with several organizations dedicated to serving vulnerable children, including an Ethiopian orphanage where she lived and taught English, gaining a first-hand experience of the situation facing these young people growing up without a support group. She is excited to be a small part of the work that Joint Council is doing.

Ms. Rice joined Joint Council in September 2007 as Research Assistant for Africa. Ms. Rice is currently teaching university English in Djibouti, East Africa and will also be utilizing her time to work with local orphanages as a volunteer and to collect qualitative research on the status of orphans in the area. In addition, she will be conducting community interviews related to the perceptions of orphans and vulnerable children. Before joining Joint Council, Ms. Rice worked as an intern and then as a policy fellow for the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI). Ms. Rice is a graduate of Colorado State University where she majored in Social Work and Liberal Arts, with a concentration in Law and a Certificate in International Development Studies.

After reading over this page on their website, I have some serious concerns. These are all young girls fresh out of college. Hmmmmm.

According to their website, these folks are on the Board of Directors of the Joint Council on International Children's Services:

Rick Gibson (Chair) began work in adoption at the Children's Home Society & Family Services as a social worker in 1999 and is currently an Adoption Supervisor responsible for Outreach and Intake for all CHSFS adoption programming. I wonder if he is worried about the Sean Paddock situation in North Carolina. The local newspapers and the public are all calling for an investigation into the contract of the Children's Home Society. That contract is worth over a million dollars. I hope that the state of North Carolina investigates it.

Susan Cox (Vice Chair) is the Vice President of Public Policy & External Affairs at Holt International. Ms. Cox has been involved in the Hague Convention on the Inter country Adoption process since it began in the 1980s. She is also a member of the Special Commission on the Hague Convention at the Hague.

Heather Stultz (Secretary) is the Romania Program Specialist and Post Placement coordinator for MAPS International. Ms. Stultz is an active member of of the COA Standing Review Committee as well as the co-facilitator of MAPS International's support evenings for waiting families. Geez nothing for us little adoptees. I guess we are not that important once we grow up.

Jared Rolsky (Treasurer) has been the Director of Golden Cradle Adoption Services in Cherry Hill, NH since 1997. He has been involved with domestic and international adoptions since the early 1980s and has worked to make adoption an accessible and client driven service ( Who is the client here - the child or the prospective adoptive parent?). Prior to coming to Golden Cradle Adoption Services, Mr. Rolsky was Executive Director of Jewish Family Services of New Haven Connecticut. He expanded the adoption program to include South American and Eastern European countries. He has been associated with the COA (Council on Accreditation)since the mid-1980s and is a team leader for the COA. He was also the President of the Council of Family Service Agencies of Connecticut, Treasurer of the United Way Executives of CT, board member of the Association of Jewish Family and Children's Services and currently the membership chair and webmaster for the Delaware Valley Adoption Council.

Kristine Altwies has been working in the field of international adoption and child/family services as the Executive Director of Hawaii International Child since 1991. Ms. Altwies has been an active member of the Joint Council since 1994, serving on various committees including, Education, Ethics, and the China/Kazakhstan caucuses.

Linda Brownless serves as the co-chair for Joint Council's Vietnam caucus, as a Hague Evaluator, and and the Executive Director of the Adoption Center of Washington. s

Nancy Fox has been involved in international adoptions for more than 30 years as the Executive Director of Americans for International Aid and Adoption (AIAA), one of the founding members of the Joint Council.

Dana Ernest Johnson M.D., Ph.D. is Professor of Pediatrics, member of the Division of Neonatology and Found of the International Adoption Clinic at the University of Minnesota which is one of the largest adoption related medical programs in the world.

Richard Pearlman was elected to the Board in 2006. He is the founder of the Family Resource Center, a licensed child welfare agency since 1987.

Kathy Carney Sacco is a licensed clinical social worker with Family & Children's Agency, Inc who helps facilitate Korean adoptions. She was adopted from Korea at the age of 5 with her biological sister. She has advocated for adoptees and adoptive families by presenting a conferences, testifying before the U.S. Congress, serving on the boards of adoption support groups and travelling to Korea.

Paul Singer has committed himself to raising public awareness of how adoption can provide a safe home and loving family to the millions of orphans in the world, and supporting organizations that are helping those orphans while waiting to be adopted. While serving as CIO of Target Corporation, Mr. Singer founded the Target Adoption Network, a networking group for Target team members who have experienced adoption or interested in learning more about adoption. He later started a similiar program at Minneapolis based SuperValu, where he currently serves as CIO.

Keith Wallace is founder and CEO of Families Thru International Adoption, Inc (FTIA). Mr. Wallace is an attorney and is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. His adoption agency is accredited through the COA and Hague accredited.

Just another quick note with this individual. His agency had contracted Jeannine Smith for her services. She is the individual who began the Masha Allen case. Even though his agency didn't complete this adoption, his agency was still initially a part of it. He was forced to testify in front of Congressional hearings on her situation. For those that do not know, Masha Allen was adopted and subsequently molested by a pedophile. Jeannine Smith began facilitating the adoption through his agency before opening her own.

Abigail Hayo has been volunteering as the Romania Mission Coordinator for the Medical Missions Foundation for almost a decade. Ms. Hayo has also traveled on many MMF trips to Guatemala, Panama, Uzbekistan, The Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Cuba and Africa.

You can check on this link for the accredited Hague Convention agencies. This agency also makes $211,232 in membership dues. They received $51,121 in government grants. They also earned over $184,577 in program services. All of this information came from their own website, news reports, and

Are we starting to see the web that is being woven? They all go back to one another. They are all connected. With so many of these agencies being involved with each other, is there really any regulating going on? Who is watching over the child, the prospective adoptive parents, and the natural parents? No one is. They are looking to cover their own rear ends.

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