Thursday, July 24, 2008


Heck we don't need the NCFA to sabotage us. We have Bastard Nation and its fearless leaders to do that. Maybe the leaders are together with them. Lord knows there are tons of pictures of Marley in front of the NCFA building and staff members in the past. Just like they throw around that I worked for Abrazo Adoption Services.

Sabina aka Baby Love Child and aka Sleeps With Bastard is Marley's mouthpiece. Marley has referred members of OriginsUSA to Sabina's blog. After the protest, Marley did it again referring people to Sabina's blog. It all coincided on the day of the protest. It was an accidental coincidence when

First to get a few things straight. The Adoptee Rights Demonstration was being run by Kali Koultas and Ron Morgan. It was Ron's idea to protest at the National Conference of State Legislators. He had been pushing it for as long as I can remember in the last two years. Kali and he got together. They put this idea into motion. Everything was in Kali's name. Approximately a week before the greatest hoopla ever created, Bastard Nation told both of them that they were pulling out. It was a numbers issue plain and simple. Ron asked for a DISCUSSION about rescheduling it for later due to numbers. I mentioned that there were folks raising money to come to the event. I along with the others were against this idea. Ron requested a link. I provided it for him. I found out that night what was being done. I did call Elizabeth at the agency to advise that there were issues with this. I received an email from Sabina accusing me of working for the agency. For those that don't know Texas, I live near Wichita Falls. The adoption agency is in SAN ANTONIO. That is an eight hour drive away from me. I didn't go into detail because I DID NOT UNDERSTAND THEM FULLY. For this, I was kicked out of the legislative committee. I was not asked my side at all on this. I was summarily dismissed without being allowed to defend myself.

The story of Abrazo and me is a simple one. I worked with one of their relinquishing mothers. If it had not been for her, I would not have a relationship with them. That mother sang their praises. Elizabeth contacted me. I checked them out thoroughly. I joined their forum and reviewed back five years. There is none of the entitlement that you see in most places. I have emailed and corresponded with them because I really need an insider's view of adoption. The relinquishing mothers of that agency participate in the forum just as the adoptive parents. I ended up helping three people find members of their families and extended families. I would NOT take any money for it. Sabina and Marley took a good deed that I gave freely of my heart and they made it dirty. One of the women that I helped was a Gladney mother. They decided to put their money where their mouths were. Granted it was not done right but we all have learned from it. Yes the agency did contribute in the beginning. They also offered to give us tax exempt status for our donations. Bastard Nation sure as hell did not do that. Also, Bastard Nation did not own the Adoptee Rights Protest. That falls squarely on Ron and Kali. They had no say in the donations period. Maybe Bastard Nation is angry because the Adoptee Rights Protest and the Abrazo Adoption Services raised money and Bastard Nation wasn't able to raise a dime on their own. I don't know and frankly I don't care. I personally and several others will not be renewing their memberships as a result. They are a little too willing to bite the hands of those that feed them. What Abrazo did with the money raised is their business and only their business. They don't owe anyone an answer to that question especially Bastard Nation. For all we know, they may have donated it to Bastard Nation just to spite them.

Some other facts that many have failed to keep in mind. Ron was supposed to keep in contact with Abrazo and he didn't. He was supposed to keep in touch with the Louisiana folks. The Louisiana folks all told me that he never contacted them. They waited for him to do this. I know many know this already. Ron has also stolen money from CalOpen. This is their magnificent hero. So before we start throwing people under the bus, all of us did some wrong at some point. We are not perfect.

What Sabina and Marley fail to realize is that we have documentation. We have emails from them with all of this information. It will all be public information in due time. It will all come from the horse's mouth herself.

After they pulled out of the protest, low and behold we had people coming out of the woodwork. Telling us "thank God, they are out of the protest." Boy was I shocked! I have ignored the innuendos and the rude tacky comments.

The leaders of Bastard Nation chose to pull out. Now they are saying its time to bring them back in. Sorry you snoozed and thus you lost. For those that think they hung the moon, if they do this to us, they will do it to you as well. We were among some of their most loyal following until they went rabid.


Unknown said...

I know, it is insane I always thought their whole look at us we are the lunatic fringe thing was just a look.

I thought it was to get press and attention, and now I know, they are the real deal.

Eve said...

Amy, I'm sorry you've been put through the wringer. I know your heart is as good as gold; anyone who has talked with you and gotten to know you even a little knows that! We haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but we are always able to show respect for one another.

I don't think any failure of respect is on your part in this situation. Hang in there, and please, continue to bring us your views and the adoption news.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy...

Really sorry to read of the ,*in house*, antics surrounding the demonstration. And really disturbed to read of the accusations against yourself. You have an excellent, informative blog on ALL things pertaining to adoption. Happy to read The New Orleans demonstration was so successful.(clap, clap) Give yourselves a big pat on the back!!

Last year I contributed to demonstration via someone ?? on the adult adoptee forum. I'd be happy to donate again for next year. Email me if you would where I can do that.


Anonymous said...

Amy, we are so sorry that you and others were wrongly implicated in Abrazo's well-intentioned (albeit misguided) efforts to raise funds to help support the Protest.

Please be assured that every dime raised was returned to each donor, with a full explanation of why Abrazo was unable to forward it to Protest organizers as intended.

Abrazo did encourage all donors to subsequently mail contributions directly to the adoptee rights protest (or other groups), but we have no way of knowing whether any did so, given the ill will aroused by Bastard Nation's attack.

Thank you, Amy, for being among those who recognize the need for us to all work together. Truly, the crusade for open records is far too important to be compromised by such petty infighting and territorialism.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about the way that you and those who worked to hard to pull this demonstration (A big YAY for you all!) off got hit with such a shit storm. You didn't deserve it, any of you.

Although I'm personally not a supporter of accepting money from agencies, mainly because no matter how well-intentioned and honorable said agencies may be, it opens up to the possibility of accusations of conflict of interest, I don't think that's really what going on with BN.
I just don't understand their acrimony at all. It's perfectly clear to me that you acted in good faith and out of a genuine desire to help. As you have helped the cause of open records in so many ways.

It *could* have been dealt with tactfully, discreetly and reasonably, between all parties, IMO. But no. Instead was seized upon and made into something it wasn't. Like you say, distorted. Out of all recognition.

And that there was a second wave of attack REALLY tees me off (understatement).

I'm with Elizabeth in thanking you for recognizing the need for us all to work together. Sure, there are always going to be some problems, but with goodwill they can be worked out.
And that's because of people like yourself :-)