Monday, October 27, 2008


I was reading this article. There is no doubt that we need to make changes within our society. The author's solution to everything is of course attack the woman's side of things. Make divorce harder to attain. Limit the funds a woman gets if she is on welfare. Encourage marriage before sex. Okay, I understand the ideology behind it. Its been proven that this doesn't work. We as humans are sexual creatures. We as a society need to accept that.

Lets start with real sex education. Comprehensive. Lets not only teach what sex is but the responsibility of sex too. Too often its left to women to make the hard decisions on the results of sex. I am not one to condemn sex. Sex is wonderful splendid thing. It is something that is completely and utterly natural. I am one that is all for it. However it comes with responsibility with every sexual encounter. If you have sex, you must also accept the consequences. I am not just talking about targeting women. I am talking men here. If you have sex, you don't have the opportunity to run from the equation any longer. You chose to lay down. You must accept your responsibility. For so long, men have discarded women and children off to the side. Its her issue because she is pregnant. Well she didn't get there by herself. She had to have a man help her. You can't scapegoat out of it. If a woman's eggs and her body are held to a certain standard, then a man's body and sperm are held to that same standard.

We as a society need to start placing emphasis on our children. Making sure that they are given the tools to succeed. It means that parents must step up. Even if you did not want a child, you as a father must step up. You chose to have sex therefore you must accept the responsibility of sex which is a child.

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