Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This holiday is for giving thanks. I have many people to be grateful for. I am grateful for my husband. He is the most sexiest man in saddle. After twelve years of marriage, he still takes my breath away. He is a very loving and supportive man. There is no one in the world that is more perfect for me.

I have two beautiful daughters. They light up my life. They make my life colorful and joyous. Everything that I do online and in real life is for them. My youngest is so much like me but I have a feeling that she is very much like my natural mother. My oldest is just like her Daddy but she has this kind heart and a strong sense of right and wrong. My youngest has the driest sense of humor that I have ever seen in a human being. So she keeps me rolling.

I am grateful for my adoptive family. Not grateful in the sense that I owe them my life and the many things that they gave me. They keep me going when I don't think that I have the strength to. I lift my mother's spirits as she does mine. I love arguing with my sister, Kris. I love the acceptance of my sister, Kat. I love humor of my sister, S. I enjoy spending time with all of them. I love them. They are as much a part of me as my natural family is.

I am grateful for our seven quarter horses. Several of them have my tears on their necks. They are loving, compassionate and oh so gentle. Most of them are just mere colts. We have one blue horse. We have two bays. We have four sorrels. They keep life very lively here.

We have umpteen cats. All of which are special in their own way. Smokie is the light of my life. He is a huge solid black cat with the greenest eyes. Socks is an inheritance. She is bossy Socks. She tucks both me and hubby in every night with tender loving care. Speedo is my daughter's cat. He thinks he owns the world. Of course he does. He is a cat. Everyone knows that cats own humans, not the other way around. Vince is my youngest indoor cat. He loves pouncing on every adult cat in the house. He tears through the house.

We have three dogs. Figgy is a yorky. He is the old man and ruler of the cats. He tells them what is up. He is getting up there in age. He is blind and almost deaf. Whether or not its by choice is still undecided. Maggie is catahoula. She is white with brown spots. She has blue eyes and she smiles. She gives a full smile with lots of teeth. Last but by no means least is Lucky. HE is very lucky. He has been stepped on by horses. He has been accidently shot. He got into the middle of scuffle with my husband putting down a wild animal. He has even been snake bit by a rattler. He is a strong spirited Fox Terrorist. Yes I said terrorist. He is more ballsy than any male dog that we have ever had. He protects the yard and the outside cats.

So yes I have many things to be grateful for. I have many things that bring me joy. I am not satisfied. I am still not fully content with my life. I want more. I want answers. I want to feel complete. I am not there yet. I am hoping that this will be the legislative year for many adoptees across this country. So while I am being thankful, I am also praying for good news from all of the states.

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