Friday, November 07, 2008


The Arkansas ban on gay/lesbian fostering and adoption passed. Its sad real sad that Arkansas feels that they can short change children. This particular group of folks usually adopt and foster children out of foster care.

What does this say about society in Arkansas? My mind began to wonder on this new law. What about the people who are unmarried that have children naturally. Are they going to start after single mothers? Single dads? If we allow one group to be discriminated against, are we going to go after all the rest of those bad reproducing single mothers and fathers? It seems like religion is sure playing a part in the state. I thought we had a separation of church and state in our country. Are we really trying to go backwards?

I heard a speech from someone in California where he stated that the constitution was about ensuring rights not taking away of rights. What little that I do know of African American history, they did that to them quite bit. They have also done that with women. I will say it. There are days when I am ashamed of my country. Yep I will go there. We are letting the fear mongering take over our government. We are letting religion change our laws.

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