Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I find interesting that many people will automatically judge me because I am from Texas. I spent too much time around a certain college friend to be a typical Texan. I enjoyed Ann Richards and Molly Ivans way too much. I have had too many good experiences with the gay/lesbian crowd. They have been truly some of the best friends that I have ever had. Yes I am gun toting but I have to be for a reason. I live on ranch way out in the middle nowhere. Wild life is not nice to my pets. We had a raccoon kill a four week old kitten because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We have had hogs destroy our horse pens. We have had cats die from coyote bites. Recently someone I do not get along with at all voted for the same person that I did. I was stunned. Honestly I thought I was the only person on this ranch that voted for Obama. So even I got put back in my place for judging someone.

I read this story and many others that have the same topic. I do not care what your preference is. Something that concerns me is the misinformation that is being spread because of these types of articles.

If an adoption agency accepts federal and state funds, then they have to accept gay couples for adoption. If they do not accept federal or even state funds, then they have no worries because you can not regulate a private business as far as discrimination. No matter your personal feelings towards gays, we must accept that they are equal to us. If a private agency receives federal or state funds, then they need to respect the rights of others. There is that phrase, judge not lest you be judged. Are we really all without sin? I think not.

Its funny how this article mentions that the child is best raised by both natural parents. Yet the adoption agencies, right to life groups, and many of the crisis pregnancy centers are encouraging to the point of harassment that women relinquish. Many of these groups will also tell you that children are best raised by two parents instead of one.

Once these attacks on the gay/lesbian groups set hold in law, this invites others to be discriminated against. Well if gay and lesbians can't be good parents, then neither can single mothers and fathers through natural means and adoptive means. I can think of two adoptive parents right off the bat who could risk losing their children. Both are excellent parents. Then I think of all the single mothers and fathers out there who would also lose their children because they are single parents. What if a mother or father dies, leaving behind a single mother or father, do they get their children removed? One wonders if this will happen. Is it really that far of venture? I do not think so.

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