Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Anna Clark wrote an article that touches on adoptee rights. She discusses much of the misinterpretation of the adoption vs. abortion issue. This is the second kind of article that actually touches on the many issues inherent in adoption.

Adoption is truthfully not the answer to abortion. People use that against adoptees expecting us to be grateful. "Aren't you glad that you were not aborted?" This question is thrown at adoptees regularly. That does not increase the self esteem of an adoptee. Truth be known, the relinquishing mothers never really consider abortion as viable option for them.

As to why women have abortions, the economy is probably the primary reason. They can't afford to have any more children. With teens, it could be any reason why. However, that is where the schools and parents come into play. We as a country need to be teaching comprehensive sex education. Yes we need to teach our children exactly what their bodies do. We need to teach them how they function. We also need to begin teaching parenting classes in junior and high school. If our teens get pregnant, we need to teach them how to care for themselves and their children. We also need to teach sexual responsibility. If you have sex, you are responsible. This needs to be taught to both boys and girls.


Anonymous said...

Adult women, many in relationships or marriages, also choose abortion when they do not want to add another child to their family. And yes, sex education (not allowed in many states) and birth control education is sorely missing from our middle/high schools. Many, such as the ones my sons attended, are teaching abstinence. Grief!
Lisa S.

Amyadoptee said...

Yea just another reason why I homeschool. Sadly I was forced to start early with sex education due to a situation here on the ranch. Texas I believe is abstinence only. Its been proven that it doesn't work. Why can't we give contraception to help these women prevent pregnancy? I know its not a 100%. That would lower the numbers.

The Improper Adoptee said...

Interesting, wouldn't it be, what argument they would use to keep our records closed if abortion was illegal like it should be. I have to wonder if Pro-Adoption so called Christians aren't fighting to keep abortion legal quietly...abortion is murdering a child. It never should of been made legal. If a teen gets pregnant then tough crap-(teens can babysit and can and have been be entrusted with infants and learn Mothering skills through that and at home. Hell,I babysat and took care of infants when I was 12).Teens need to TAKE CARE OF THEIR RESPONSIBILITY and not be allowed to get out of it through Adoption or abortion, because both is bad for the child, and for the teen because giving away ones responsibility TEACHES BAD MORALS AND LACK OF CONSCIENCE. Most teens want to keep their babies anyway and would be good Mothers-100 years ago most girls were Mothers by 17 or 18 and even younger. That is the way nature planned it. It is those who want to make money off of going against nature that are the problem.

Amyadoptee said...

I politely disagree that we will ever abolish abortion or adoption. There will always be a medical need for abortion. I know many a woman that have suffered from preclampsia. Some were able to carry their child to term. Many others were not and they had to abort their child. The reason being is of course their own life was at stake. It needs to remain a legal medical procedure that is decided by a woman and her doctor.

Adoption will always exist because there will always be abused children.

However I do not confuse the two issues as being one and the same. Adoption is not the answer to abortion. Abortion is not the answer to adoption issues and pain. We need to reduce the numbers of both. I know that upsets prospective adoptive parents. Poor women should not be subject to giving their children up for adoption because they are poor. No woman owes another woman her child because of her ability to make money, her education, or her marital status.