Thursday, December 18, 2008



I wish that I could play games online for free. I wish that it could be a safe and fun environment for even my own daughters to play in. I found one and it is called Action All Stars. My oldest daughter likes to play softball or baseball. She has done it enough times in both of the small towns that are near to us. She currently likes to play on Club Penguin. I think she just might interested in something like this. I have set it up under my email and my account. Did I mention that this was free, safe and fun?

My daughter also loves basketball. Her Daddy used to go to her practices while I was at work. I also went to her games on Saturdays. I think this might help improve her game. I like that it is language controlled. I also like that it is geared specifically to kids who love sports. It is sponsored by the major names such as,, and What is really great is that a parent can monitor their child's account with their own parent account. So it most definitely creates an environment that is safe, fun, and free.

Check out Action Allstars and enjoy yourself.


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