Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I am back full force. Indiana Open is now fully launched. We have a blog, forum, email list, and guestbook. Please stop by and visit us. We have worked really hard in getting up and operational. We will be announcing the website shortly to the legislators for Indiana. Hopefully everything will come together and we will have a very decent bill. Yes the ponies are in it for a reason. The adoptees who read here will know what it means.

I read this vomitrocious article today on being chosen. What the author doesn't quite seem to understand is that to be chosen, we have to be unchosen. In order to be loved, we have to be abandoned. I don't think the author would get that point. She expects adoptees such as myself to be happy that I was not dumped in a dumpster or aborted through a vaccuum. It seems to be an advertisement for a crisis pregnancy center out of the Tulsa area. Its sickening all the same. It does not address the other issues inherent in adoption. Like say the money in adoption? Like say coercion?

Another issue came up for me yesterday. I made the mistake of calling a few of the adoption groups in Indiana. I ended up calling the absolute worst confidential intermediary in Indiana. I honestly think that this woman hates adoptees and natural parents. She was a horrid woman. She actually told me that she had many of the Georgia Tann files in her possession. These files were distributed amongst six people in the country. She also tried to tell me that there were open adoptions in the sixties. She told me also that Georgia Tann was still performing adoptions in the sixties. Sorry no that answer is wrong. She died in 1950. Her adoption agency ceased its operations in 1951. Georgia Tann was on the verge of being busted big time when she died. I know better. She also tried to tell me that Tennessee was closed again. No, according to the court case and the law, its very open right now. It may have a contact veto but adoptees and their families are very much getting access to those records.

She also told me that there were several problems with adoptees stalking natural parents in Indiana. These stories made the news. Again she is wrong because I have google alerts set up everyday when it happens. Nothing like that has occurred over the last several years now. This woman was trying to bluff me big time. I think she failed. She is now on my radar. I will keep an eye on her.

It was also confirmed that this woman has several complaints against her in Indiana with the Office of Vital Statistics. God I hope we get this bill because we need to run this woman out of town. I do not know how this woman is allowed to do the kind of work that she does.

I do not know how I kept my cool, but I did. I do not wish this woman on any adoptee or natural parent in the state of Indiana. You have choice up there in regards to confidential intermediaries. I would rather someone use my CI, Catrina Carlisle, than ever use this woman.

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