Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Everyone has heard the story of the Claar Foundation. I read two articles today and yesterday that really really ticked me off. It is frustrating to see the prospective adoptive parents of this organization dissed like this. It just blows my mind that the attorney in this case is blaming the circumstances on having bitter clients. Give me a break.

The attorney for this adoption agency, Lisa Novak, was found guilty already of not refunding the adoption fees to one adoptive parent. THAT IS RIGHT! FOUND GUILTY! They are trying to get the court to be sympathetic to this woman. It is ridiculous. The defense, Lance Goff, even accused these adoptive parents of conspiring against this woman to create further cases.

There are two stories that one has to read about this here and here. This is not how you defend a client. You provide countering proof that their proof is wrong. That is hard to do when your client already has been found guilty.

This is a serious "Give me a Break."

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