Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I have only been skiing once. I went up to Ski Apache with my sister and her boyfriend. My boyfriend at the time took us all there. I had more fun falling down than I can shake a stick at. I could not stay up on pair of skis for the life of me. The next day my body was so sore that there wasn't enough hot water in El Paso to take that muscle ache away. You have to understand something about me though. I was raised in South Texas. We saw snow once every twenty years. It only amounted to an inch on the ground. So I wish that I had been exposed to some kind of ski camp or lessons.

Now is time to start thinking ahead with various activities for your children. Are you and your family avid skiers? If you are there is a ski camp in Oregon's Mount Hood that teaches your entire family how to ski. They provide various skiing and safety lesson plans. They also have summer camps for various mastery levels.

So if you want to provide your family with a different kind of summer camp, check out the Oregon Summer Camp at National Alpine Ski Camp. You will be in for the ride of your life.

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