Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Here is the age enhanced picture of Adam Herrman. There are still even more reports coming out that his adoptive parents abused him. Lets hope that nothing bad has happened but I do know that we might have to be realistic on this.

Help his natural family find him.


Anonymous said...

I just read about this at

It does not say why they lost their foster care license in 1990 or 91.

There were comments in the article that really blew me away.
"She denied allegations, from her sister and two biological children that she punched and kicked Adam over the years, beat him with a belt buckle and kept him chained to the bathtub faucet in the home."
"She spanked Adam with a belt, and his psychological counselor saw bruises and called police."
"She said she had been spanked with a belt as a child and vowed she would not do that to her children."
"she spanked Adam with a belt one afternoon." "He got mad, and he said he's going to run away,"
"Asked why he ran away, Valerie Herrman said, "I think it was for attention."
"Asked if they know what happened to Adam, Doug said, "I think he's out there. "I feel that he went on. He changed his name. He's a very tough kid."

There is obviously something wrong with the thought processes of these people and they were screened and approved for foster care (though later revoked) and adoption.

How would an eleven yr old child be able to to "just go on and change his name"? He ran away "for attention"?

I am apalled, sickened and saddened by this story.

Anonymous said...

And closer to home, a little girl named Sydney Geis was murdered in Dallas, along with her brother and her adoptive mom, whom authorities now suspect killed the children before turning the gun on herself... not far from where the Bush family is buying their new home...