Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Adoption Cronies

Today I called the Vital Statistics office and the Coleman Adoption agency. I am continually amazed at people involved in this situation. The adoption agency was very pleasant. They gave me the information that I wanted. They even allowed me to leave a message with the search specialist.

Now the Indiana Department of Health, Vital Statistics Department, left a lot to be desired. At the end of October, I mailed in my request for non identify information. When I called the office, I asked about my request. They said that they received it on November 16,2005. She also said that it would take 3 weeks to process the form. It would also take an additional week due to the holidays. I calculated the time frame. Well I should have already received it. The lady continued to argue with me. It was like pulling a dang tooth. In one of the adoption groups that I am a member, a gal wrote about how she was treated by a department in another state. She was told that her medical history was not important and that the person didn't care if she ever got it. Is there really ever a reason to be rude in a government office? I know that I would be writing congress and state officials about that person. We may be only 2-3% of the population but that number adds up after a while. I know that when I finally talk to Mary Hinds she will be hearing about the rudeness of her staff members. We pay their salaries as well as those of our elected officials

Write congressional members. Write your senators. Write everyone that you can to get their attention and make them stand up and pay attention. Only with the power of the pen can we stand up and free ourselves from the oppression placed upon us.

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