Saturday, January 07, 2006


Yesterday I alluded to adoption being big business. I find that topic really interesting so I am going to write about it. The Coleman agency, my own adoption agency, doesn't seem to advertise as much as some of the ones that I have looked at. One agency that I researched yesterday had a $1,000,000 advertising budget. Their adoptions run about $60,000 per child. How many adoptions does this non-profit company perform? Thousands of them. Adds up doesn't?

When a young pregnant woman goes into these types of agencies, she faces an immediate sales pitch. This sales pitch is based on lies, secrets, and coercion. They force the young scared women into signing paperwork that traps them forever. Many agencies threaten the young women with lawsuits and additional financial burden if they don't follow through with the adoption.

I have one friend who put up a child for adoption. She was drugged and placed into a isolation room for several days because she had sex outside of marriage. Many of these women are drugged to force their signatures on these adoptions. They are confused, distraught, and severely medicated. The adoption agencies play on that to force the young mothers to sign the paperwork. They were not allowed to see or hold their children until they did sign the paperwork.

One of these types of agencies is the Edna Gladney Agency in Fort Worth, Texas. This adoption agency is a supporter of President Bush. In fact his wife and mother are honorary representatives for Gladney. Several members of Gladney also served under President Bush when he was governor of Texas. They have lobbied in Florida to shorten the allotted time for natural parents to grieve over wht they felt was a coerced adoption proceeding with his brother's blessing. Gladney also has close ties with a financial corporation called MBNA, the credit card company. Gladney also gets money from them to offset the costs of adoption. The Gladney agency gets a healthy $45,000 and up for a child. They claim to have placed more than 26,000 children. Boy this really seems to be adding up doesn't it?

This information is now two plus years old. I got my information from a web site that I came across after reading another article by someone else. Their web sites are listed below:

I am almost afraid to dig much deeper because I am seeing a great deal of corruption just in this alone. I wonder what would happen if President Bush's niece decided to open up her records and search for her parents. Would his arguments against open adoptions still be the same? Would he tell his niece that she is for abortion because she seeks open records? It seems to me that everything that Bush touches turns corrupt. Why is it that everything to him is about money and how much he can recruit?

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