Saturday, January 07, 2006


Hey you guys are lucky today. I am doing two posts today. My husband and I had a interesting conversation a while back. We have opposing views concerning gays. Its typical of a male human being. He is sick of the gay rights issues being in his face. He has got a point. Although he disagrees with gay marriages, he does believe that they should have equal rights. They are being taxed without representation by our government. We have a mutual friend in the U.S. Army who was gay. I had the honor of serving with her. She was a great soldier. She did her job as requested. She was also a good human being and a good friend. As a woman and a gay person, she is being attacked on all fronts. As her friend and a woman, I can relate and I can't deny her equal rights. Most gay people that I have met are generous, kind, loving, and compassionate. I just can't turn my back on that alone. They deserve my support.

The only time that I have ever really heard that gays come out to protest is on two issues in the past. The first was the AIDS/HIV issue which has radically changed and become more of a heterosexual issue now. They just brought to the forefront for everyone to concerned about. That issue was a hard fought battle. It took years before our government actually did something about it. Heck it was 1989 before they actually began testing specifically testing for it. Up until then they used the Hepatitis B test to screen for it. The next issue was the "Don't Ask and Don't tell " policy was a small baby step to take courtesy of Bill Clinton. We need to take that a step further though. Most gay people aren't in your face types. I don't think they wanted to be central issue. They just wanted to be treated fairly. Just like women and children.

It seems that many Christian groups are attacking everyone and everything. I have made reference to a friend's web page: He found several articles where these groups, as extreme as they are, are attacking and picketing soldiers funerals as well as the recent deaths of the miners. I have read even Pat Robertson is telling everyone that they died because of their lack of faith. It seems that we are getting more and more whacked as time goes forward.

In one article about the history of gays, it has been proven by empirical research that homosexual males are as least likely to molest children as heterosexual males. That web page is at : Homosexuality has been around as long as humanity has existed. It has also been proven that it has been discriminated against for as long. Since men and women can be gay, it also has become a woman's issue as well.

Gay adoption and fostering of children seems to be as hot an issue as gay marriage. Let me address that issue alone. I realize that our country may not be ready for gay marriage but maybe gay unions. Either way those unions should be held to the same standards as heterosexual marriages. As Kinky Friedman says "let them get married let them have the same hell that we all face." I like his philosophy on that. Many children are in foster homes and orphanages. Can we really deny them the right to a loving home because the couple involved is gay or unmarried? Are we really going to send children back to the depths of hell by placing them in orphanages where abuse of those children is still prevelant? Many Christian and Family Value based organizations are trying to ban gays from adopting and fostering children. They are also banning them from having unions/partnerships. These groups are protesting companies and organizations that have benefits for those partners for life. They are actually suing a mayor in Utah over it. What I find interesting is that they want gays to pay taxes. They also say that it costs taxpayers money to pay for services given to gays. Where is that possible? If heterosexuals pay for their marriage licenses, wouldn't it follow logic that gays would also have to pay for theirs? Since gays are listed as single people, aren't they paying huge chunk of their paychecks in taxes? Yet they aren't being represented. You know what that is taxation without representation. Now that is a legal term that has serious ramifications if our government doesn't chill out. I hear Pat Robertson say on a regular basis that gays are permanent sinners and they are going to hell. Yet aren't we all sinners? On an everyday basis? I remember a phrase that Jesus used judge not lest you be judged. Or is it let the first one without sin cast the first stone? If someone can provide a loving home to a child what does it matter if the couple is gay or unmarried? What does it matter if the person is a single person who has the love and the financial resources to take care of that child? Yet we have child molesters adopting children for their use and perversion. As I come to an end on this article, I am constantly reminded of a poem that was published in many union papers. I have mentioned this in previous blogs. If a group of people is attacked and eliminated but it doesn't concerned me. Finally there will no one left to attack but me so who do I have to help defend me. No one. We as brothers and sisters must stand up and fight all forms of oppression. I will not be kept subservient to our government because I am a woman and an adoptee. I am not an ungrateful child because I want to find out who I am. I will not attack my family or my birth famly because I am adopted. I just want to know who, what, when, where, and why. I am woman who is a mother, daughter, and a sister. Being gay doesn't mean that child molesters will be allowed to make their crime a right. Homosexuals and Heterosexuals are both appalled at child molesters and what they do to children. At least with homosexuals it is with consenting adults. Key word there is consenting. It is not the case necessarily with heterosexuals. The straight males in our society still think its their obligation to take a woman and put her in her place. Maybe we could learn something about the gay community.

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