Sunday, January 08, 2006


I read today that the adoption business is normally a non-profit group of entities composed of public, private, and government adoptions. Interestingly enough it is a 1.4 billion dollar industry with an expected growth of 11.4% to the year 2004. Across the web I have seen many ads for adoptions both domestic and international. I even found out that the advertising campaign for one agency is one million dollars per year. WOW!

One of the many facts that I will report today is the federal government encourages adoptions because its saves $5,000 per year per child until the child is seven years of age. Then you have agencies like the Gladney Adoption Center in Fort Worth, Houston, and Midland-Odessa. They have a few more in other states. They had 366 adoptions this last fiscal year. Their adoptions run about $45,000 a pop. I read on their web site that they have financial help to prospective adoptive families. They offer special credit cards for adoption costs through MBNA, credit card company, and the National Council for Adoption. President Bush and his family are well connected to these organizations. Prospective adoptive families also get a tax break of $10,000 to help offset these costs. The families still have to pay the attorney fees. This agency also has its own hospital facility as well.

Now we come to the next part. The Uniform Adoption Act of 1994 proposed the sealing of adoption records for 99 years. It would criminalize searching. It shortens revocable consent periods to a dismal eight days after the child's birth. It also lacks the proper birth father notification. It also facilitates the baby as a commodity infant adoptions.

Although I realize that most adoptive parents just want a child to love and raise, I have to look at what the costs are to the birth family and the child. I do not want to make demons out of them because after paying all the expenses of fertility procedures and medicines, they still have to pay an additional sum of money to adopt a child at a huge cost to themselves. They help in creating money hungry monsters in the adoption industry. Between adoptive parents and adoption lawyers, laws have been created that shorten the time that parents have to change their minds. The lawyers have also promoted the idea that if a child is placed in the adoptive parents home before the adoption is even consented to, the adoptive parents have the right to retain the child.

The Uniform Adoption Act of 1994 was supported by the Gladney Centers and the National Council for Adoption. We also know that Pat Robertson also supports the closure of adoption records. I also found out that the NCFA has also given false information out on adoptions vs. abortions in various open record states. In Alaska and Kansas, the records are open. The research statistics show instead of open records causing abortion. The opposite is true. Closing records cause more abortions. I got this bit of information from the American Adoption Congress. This law was also protested by thirteen major adoption lobbies that include the Bastard Nation, Catholic Charities, Concerned United Birthparents, and the Child Welfare League of America. I wonder do the Christian Coalition, Pat Robertson, and the others like them know that they are being given false information.

This information that I have provided is all found on the internet. I have listed some links in my previous blogs. Connect to them to read the same information that I have read. Its time we start fighting back. I am tired of being a second class citizen when it comes to my birth. I know that many others like me in all sides of the triad feel the same way. Don't let our elected officials continue making us subservient. Write your senate members. Write your congressional members let them know how you feel about restricting adoptees rights, birth family rights, and adoptive family rights. Make it equal for all the parties involved.

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