Tuesday, January 10, 2006


What began as researching and verifying a couple of articles has become something macabre now. Everyone knows that Prolifers want family planning clinics to promote adoption instead of abortion. I have heard several reports of the Guttmacher Institute be miscontrued on both sides of the open/closed adoption issue. A few things before though that I found interesting at their web site which is www.guttmacher.org. They research and report statistics on Public Policy. By the way, the federal government does not keep any statistics on adoption in the United States. That is interesting considering its effects on the adoption triad. It is also interesting considering they are willing to ram it down pregnant women's throats to promote their agenda.

One particular policy that is absolutely abhorrent. Minors' rights as parents should catch someone's attention. 28 states and the District of Columbia explicitly allow minors to consent to their child's adoption. Only 10 states require the involvement of an adult in the adoption process. Everyone must understand that I want every child in the world to have a home that is loving, secure, and healthy even if it means adoption. My adoption gave me life and happiness. Unfortunately we all live in the real world. Every woman deserves the right to make up her own mind about her own body. She should be given all possible information on any and all procedures and options to include abortion and adoption.

In 1999, two republicans introduced legislation that was designed to combine the operative provisions of the gag rule and the Adolescent Family Life Act (enacted in 1981). The legislation listed the poosible options that family planning providers would be required to talk with clients facing an unplanned pregnancy, specifically excluding abortion. At the very same time, it authorized fund for a grant to a "National Adoption Organization" for the purpose of training federally supported health care providers in a "how to promote adoption." Keep in mind that this information is supposed to be provided in a neutral, factual, and nondirective manner. It is not intended to be coercive in ANY manner. This legislation was titled the INFANT ADOPTION AWARENESS ACT that was signed into law in 2000. The Department of Health and Human Services set up guidelines that would set up the development and implementation of the IAAA training and a training curriculum.

The DHHS in October 2001 announced the release of $8.6 million to four adoption agencies. You would think that it would be split up equally between the four but that was not the case. The National Council for Adoption got the biggest chunk of the money-$6.1million- to provide the training and the curriculum that was consistent with these guidelines.

Many of the family planning facilities interviewed by The Guttmacher Institute had mixed feelings about their training. The trainers really hammered on the non-judgemental language. Some appreciated the networking opportunity that it presented. However, a majority of the family planning providers reported a far more negative and scary training experience. "One trainer promoted tactics and techiques for attempting to persuade the client to chose adoption by (1) discouraging abortion as a viable option, (2) overly promoting adoption, (3) highlighting the difficulties the child will encounter if a woman should choose to raise it herself, and (4) encouraging counselor opinions in scenarios by having the counselor choose for the clients the best option." Many of the others noticed child centered counseling which is not always in the best interest of the mother depending on her circumstances. One counselor noted that she was given tips and techniques on how to work against the woman's resistance, by making them proud of their decision to put a child up for adoption. Another counselor was told to repeatedly bring up the adoption option even if the mother is not interested. It seems to me that this kind of action borderlines on coercion and force. It also violates the guidelines and principle of medical ethics. Counselors were also directed to identify the clients as "deluded, not living in the real world, not being practical, participating in self betrayal, being ignorant, and generally being unable to make good choices unless its the choice the counselor would make for the client." This sounds like the old days, doesn't it?

In April 2004, the DHHS announced another $9million to support up to ten grants to further develop or implement the existing IAAA legislation. It has been presumed that this money will again go to the National Council for Adoption. Keep in mind that this organization is predominately Christian organization. They tend to inflict their religious views on pregnant women that they encounter.

Remember what I said in my last blog. The Gladney Adoption Center, the National Council for Adoption, MBNA, and President Bush and his family are all connected into this mess. We have all got to stand up and fight this kind of corruption. I thought President Bush was bad now I think he is a corrupt individual that cares for no one but his own interests. Its time to vote these kind of people out of office. Its time that WE as the collective triad need to stand up fight against this kind of coercion and corruption. We all want adoption to be the best situation for all involved. Write your congressional members and your senate members. Put an end to this type of legislating.


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