Wednesday, January 11, 2006


One more quick note to add. Pat Robertson is also highly connected to those groups previously mentioned. I wonder how much the National Council for Adoption donated to him. He probably helped create the lovely drilling curriculum for the family planning centers.

Lets vote these idiots out of office.


Unknown said...

You left a message on my blog about my placing my daughter. Thank you so much! She does remember me, she's 15 now and things are BEAUTIFUL. Please email me I'd love your input for my book "Adoption Evolution" I have a questionnaire I'm looking for those touched by adoption to fill out. You or anyone who is interested in giving their input please email me @
Your beautiful, I believe if we change this system, future adoptee's don't have to be angry like most of us know I'm not only a birthmother but an adoptee that search and found. It's been a rocky road but I know what I know due to this craziness and I intend to help change the future of new born adoption here in the US.
Take Care I hope to hear from you soon!

roxanol said...

Amy, I love the political leanings of this site, I will add it too my links.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies I appreciate your input