Friday, January 13, 2006


I have been thinking a great deal about what I have written the last few days. I am still avidly researching blog ideas and thoughts. I have recently started working for a mental health institution. I have also read researched materials that stated that many people in these types of institutions as well as penal institutions are mostly adoptees. I have also heard that many therapists don't have a clue when it comes to the adoption triad. While I was completing my CPR qualifications, the librarian at the hospital came across a couple of doctors that are starting to research the complications of closed adoptions.

Someone give me an amen on this if they don't understand the logic behind this philosopy. The National Council for Adoption says that open adoptions cause more abortions. The few studies that I have managed to discover state nothing of the sort. Both adoptions and abortions are decreasing slowly. How those numbers correlate is still beyond me. How people can make those conclusions still confounds me. This same organization which is sponsored by Pat Robertson is using this forum to condemn more women and children. These same people have programs put into place that practically force women to give up their babies. They use all sorts of condemnation to coerce her to give up the child. The laws in my state as well as many others allow minors as parents to give up their children without the consent of their parents. One contrasting point is that these same people have made sure that those minors have to have parental consent to have an abortion. To me, my daughters should come to me no matter what their choice is. I would like to be notified either way. That is just logical.

One thing that I find interesting that you don't hear about with these groups. I heard a story about a husband beating up his wife every time she got pregnant thus killing the baby. I know that this occurs still frequently to my own dismay. He just committed murder of a child. Does he go to jail? NO!! Do these people protest what that man has done? NO!! It seems more and more that these people want women and children to be put in their place. That ideology just ticks me off further. Why can't these people understand that every situation is different? I want every child in this world to loved, cared for, and wanted. I don't want women and children to be abused to extremes any longer. When is humanity going to learn to respect each other and their belief system?

One quick note: In my researching of the Religious Cronies like Pat Robertson, I have to give credit where it is due. Even though I don't like Jerry Falwell's beliefs on gays and cartoon characters, he at least puts his money where his mouth is. His own adoption facilities provide on going education at a college campus for his unwed mothers. It may not be the educational background that I would like but its education just the same. He advertises at this adoption agency for open records. That totally shocked me. He is a positive wingnut but he at least has a sense of reason when it comes to children.

Please write your senate and your congressional leaders. Let them know that closed records hurt rather than heal. We in the adoption triad deserve honesty, truth, and openness. We are not someone's dirty little secret. FREEDOM TO THE OPPRESSED!!!!!!


Wraiths said...

Wow, from one angry adoptee to another great blog. Very good info.

There is a group for adoptees you might be interested in.

Mia said...

AMEN sister!!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Amy. From a fellow adoptee who is proud of adoptees who speak up.