Thursday, January 19, 2006


I have mailed off all my information to the Coleman Agency in Indianapolis. I spoke with Catrina, an adoption search specialist, at the agency. She is a truly wonderful woman. She has helped many people find their families. I mentioned to her some of the stuff that I have found out about agencies over the internet. I also told her about the corruption in the adoption industry. She agreed with me. She was actually shocked at some of the stuff as well. She also mentioned that their adoption fees are on a sliding scale. Most adoptons start out at $5,000. I was totally stunned. The cost to begin my search was only $325. Folks if you are adopted through an agency, check with them first. See if they have a search specialist and then use it first. Her advice was the same as mine. Don't get ripped off. A good agency is not about a profit.

We also discussed the underground child trafficking rings that are going on. I read a story where parents can't handle a child that they adopted they dump it off anywhere. These parents don't want a damaged child. Since when is a child an animal? We also discussed the new birth father law down in Florida. I found that absolutely shocking but she had a point. It is about the child not the birthfather's rights. Most birthfathers want nothing to do with the complication of a child. She said that most of the women that come through her agency actually said a guy was cool if he offered to pay for an abortion. If he didn't he was a jerk. Go figure!!! One of the things that I did mention is that with these new laws and with the attitudes of these young girls, it seems to enable the men in our society. Again she reminded me that it was about the child. It seems a great deal of men have all the rights and privileges but they don't think that they have to fulfill their obligations.

Another thing that I have noticed in the message boards at Courttv is that when adoption or abortion is discussed, it is always the woman's fault. She is to blame when she gets pregnant. Why is that? I would like an honest answer. It takes two to make a baby. Why can't our society understand that? It is always a woman's decision. She is the one to suffer the consequences of his and her actions.

After all the studies that I have read, I have found one thing common in all of them. Women are realizing that they can raise their own children. Did you know that parents get three chances at abusing their children before they are permanently removed? What about the children in those situations? I have read many a case study about children who are institutionalized. They suffer so much pain and heartache. Is it really worth it to the religious right to put these kids in institutions to prove a point? I wish more agencies were like mine. I feel truly blessed with the actions of my birth parents and my adoptive families. It gives me great comfort knowing that I wasn't a commodity. In fact truly I was someone's child at all times. I just fear for the children of our world and our society.

Lets vote out the people who are corrupted and are earning money of the backs of children and women. Write your congressmen and women. Write your senators. USE your power of voting. Change our world. If we work together, we can do this.

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