Sunday, January 01, 2006


I am very angry today. Don't you hate it when you get bullied by people? Lord knows that I do. Bullies for years have hounded and harassed pregnant unwed women. It was considered shameful to be pregnant and unwed. It is shameful for women to think for themselves. Well I say that God gave us women a brain to think and to use. My day started with my sisters calling me because they thought I was making a bad decision. They think that I should not express my opinion to a negative person and that I should just kiss up to that person. I am tired of people like that telling me what I should be thinking. I come from a family of Republicans. Sorry the current Republican party is against equal rights for all. This is to include women, children, and gays. Women according to our current adminstration should be punished and rights taken away. Children should be thrown away. They are willing to take children out of good homes because the parents aren't married or they are gay. Yet they are willing to let perverts adopt children from other countries to sexually abuse and torture. I get so sick of people telling me how I should live my life. They know nothing about me. They tell me what my God is about. I guess they think that they have a direct link to God. Its funny during the presidential election that my daughter came home and told me that I could not vote for Kerry. She told me that he wanted to kill babies. This is coming from a second grader. Kerry was for pro-choice. I had to explain to her what that meant. Yet it is okay for little boys to force themselves onto my daughter who was eight at the time. I just want everyone to be held accountable for their actions. I can not condemn a woman that makes the choice to put a child up for adoption. I can not condemn a woman for having an abortion. It is one of the toughest choices a woman has to make. Whatever choice she makes, I can not condemn her for the rest of her life. It seems our society has a tendancy to do that for the rest of her life and her child's life. Yet it takes two to make a child, my question to you is where is the man in this situation. If a woman freezes her eggs for invitro fertilization and they are not all used, it is still a baby. Is a man's sperm held to the same standard? Shouldn't his sperm be frozen for all time? It could be used to make a baby. A egg cannot become a baby without sperm. Have we completely gone off our rocker these days? Everyone is complaining that everyone is trying to take the Christ out of Christmas. To me it just about more bullying. To me its Christmas. To someone else it may be Happy Holidays. I say allow all to say what they feel. It is about their own personal preference. Can't we just live and let live? Why do we have to bully everyone? I know for one am sick of it all. Let me just make my own decisions about my life.


KingCranky II said...


That's a Rant worthy of Royal Status

Excellent post

Excellent attitude

Bullies suck, and the only thing they ever seem to understand is a good swift crack across the mouth

Amyadoptee said...

Thank you Sir KingCranky Thank you