Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Sorry I am not going to talk about adoption today. It seems that every time I read something about the Religious Right. It just sets me off further. These people think that open adoptions create more abortions. I would like to know where they get their information. Every thing that I have read and researched proves the exact opposite. I read today that the Christianpost is now protesting the Barbie web site saying its causing gender confusion. Give me a break. This same article also blasts girls,inc. It state that between it and the barbie website young girls are being taught materialism. They feel a young girl should be learning how to keep a house, love their husbands, and take care of children. Okay people tell me if I am wrong here. Doesn't it take a two income family these days? Well in order to get that income you need an education especially if you have to donate to a church these days. Most churches want a good ten percent of your salary before taxes. I know that I can't even afford that these days. My family and I are barely scrapping by.

So this is what we know so far. The Religious Right is against adoption, little girls, and women. Now if that doesn't set your blood to boiling. Go to this web site and read the following article. http://www.capitolhillblue.com/artman/publish/article_7939.shtml This one blows me away. I may be against the war but I would not dishonor the soldiers who have died. I am also a vet so I am speaking from experience on this issue. Every soldier on this earth and throughout history deserves my humble thanks and my God Bless you for giving me my rights to live and be free.

Now the religious right is against adoption, little girls, women, gays, and the military. President Bush, you gave growth to these insane, rabid wingnuts called the Religious Right. Are you going to do anything about it? No probably not. Every time these idiots make noise such as this, you just ignore it. Well guess what they have come after me, my family, and my friends. Guess what your turn is coming old man your turn is coming. These kind of people turn on every one because they are filled with hate and not love and definitely not God's love.

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