Saturday, January 28, 2006


I can't say enough to my adoptee friends and my birth mother friends. You have really helped me put my emotions into perspective these last two days. Part of me still hurts and part of me is angry. I promise you guys that I will keep the door open. I was asked if I had gotten a therapist yet. One of the most important birth mothers in my life mentioned that I probably couldn't find one that was aware of adoption issues. She is probably right. I have also got so many friends out there who support me. I think that I do have all my bases covered out there. Thank you birthmothers, adoptees, adoptive family members and non adopted related friends. Thank you for all your love, support, and friendship. You have given me strength to presevere.


Unknown said...

Evelyn Robinson Burns does counselling over internet and telephone, she's on my links, if you want a good therapist she has a good reputation.

Amyadoptee said...

I will keep that in mind. We have EAP through the state hospital. I just might use it. There is also a social worker that I might get with on the unit that I think I will be working on.

Cookie said...

I have met Evelyn Robinson and heard her speak a few times and think her take on how to heal is so on target. Does seem as though unless you live near a big city, it's hard to find good therapists. I do live near a big city and we have several wonderful adoption therapists in our area, all triad members, adoptees and birth moms. One I know does email consults too.

I just wrote our my first contact for you on my blog, Amy. Hope it is helpful to you.