Monday, January 23, 2006


As always, I view my blog and see if I got any replies or comments. I was honored by two birthmoms that have visited my blog. I can't say thank you enough. You have honored me with your presence. I never realized that there was that many blogs out there on adoption.

Today I got to do on the job training at the state hospital that I work at. I got to work with teenage girls today. I just loved it. Before I went on break though, I met a young girl who is returning to a life of hell. She was taken out of a gang related lifestyle. She got into trouble and the state hospital was her last stop. She mentioned that she knew that she wanted to get out of the lifestyle. She also knew that she would be "jumped" out. If you don't know what that means, it means that she is going to be beaten up badly or worse killed because she wants out. She may even take the easy way out and just stay in. I asked how come the state can't take her and put her in a foster home or a group home. Any thing is better than knowing what is facing her, right ? No the state does its best to give the children back to the parents. I was also told by my adoption search specialist, Katrina, that parents in some states get three chances at abusing their children before they are permanently taken away. I guess that means that the caregivers get three chances to kill their children. Someone explain this to me because I sure don't understand it. I guess its like always. Women and children are disposable. I read today in the Washington Post that DHHS is severely understaffed. They just don't have the funds to take care of all the children in foster care, group homes, and institutions. There are 500,000 children in the foster care system nationwide. These people can't investigate every case of child abuse.

I read a blog today that said that she was pro choice because its a woman's choice but she is also pro-life taking care of the children and their rights to thrive. I also read some emails today where there is a discussion on a new conference being done for the Concerned United Birthmothers. They mentioned one particular woman, Rickie Solinger. I am sure that she has written some good books about abortion. I agree with the birthmothers group in that her rigged agenda is not an adoption agenda. Her views ignore women who have had children whether kept or adopted out. That is a problem that I have had with the women's movement as well. They have forgotten the mothers out there.

So my question to those Christian fundamentalists to include Pat Robertson and President Bush out there is this. If you are pro-life, why aren't you adopting children in foster care? Why aren't you pushing funding that supports women and children? Why don't you support women in their choices to adopt or to raise their own children? Why aren't you pushing for reform in adoption laws such as making records open to all sides of the triad? Why are you allowing adoptions to cost a huge fortune to waiting families? These adoptions offer financing and ways to bankrupt the adoptive families. To me that should be against the law. Why are you continuing to allow children and women to be abused? Why aren't you holding birthfathers to be held accountable instead of creating laws that just enable them further? Why can't you put those who abuse women and children sexually and physically in jail for life?

If you can't answer these questions, then you need to step down from office. We really need to vote these morons out of office. They are just wasting our time and our funds. We all need to stand up and fight these people. Vote them out. Write your congressional representatives and tell them that what they are doing to the women and children of our country is just wrong. Write your senatorial representatives as well. Heck write the president and tell him as well. Its time that we fight for our own freedom.


Anonymous said...

I went to the conference that you referred to. It was pretty interesting - there were many well-know speakers in the adoption community there - especially the adoption reform community. I am curious as to where you read about Ricky Sollinger's comments there. Some of her ideas definitely were questioned.

I am a reunited birth mom and an activist. There's alot wrong with adoption - and I hope to help make some changes. I met another birth mom there who I had only met before on-line - a great experience.

Look forward to reading more of your blogging!

Unknown said...

I cannot tell you how much I agree with EVERY word you wrote on this post!! I'm curious how you find out about these conferences? I would love attend this kind of stuff.


FauxClaud said...

Yeah...I have to say..I DID NOT get that idea about Ricky Solinger from hearing her at all.
She is very well spoken and knows her stuff, though her take is an more of an historiical and fact based, education study, and political spin. In other words,though moved by the personel stories..she goes on proven studies etc.
But I think she gets it..she just has a different way of saying it.