Saturday, May 13, 2006


Last night, I went to Bastard Nation's web page. I have long wanted to start a grass roots operation to bring down the opposition of Closed Adoption records. I read what they have to say. I also verify all the information that I get from web sites. I check out the oppositions web pages.

I have been to the National Council For Adoptions web site and many others. I went to one last night and was appalled at what I read. Recently this group has affiliated itself with some very ultra conservative groups. One of them is the Heritage Foundation. One of their authors is a Patrick F Fagan. The common folk of America would be disgusted at what they promote.

The list of those who support NCFA: The Gladney Center, Sciafe Family Foundation, Bradley Foundation, Thomas Atwood, The Heritage Foundation, The Family Research Council, and Pat Robertson's Presidential Exploratory Team. We all know that Pat Robertson is just my favorite person. Yea Right
The Heritage web page that I accessed : You will be disgusted, appalled and enraged beyond belief.
This man basically blames all of society's woes on women and children. One of the things that this man testified in front of Congress is that money should be taken away from the Violence Against Women Act to research why women and children are abused. I am sure that he wanted to do that research. I am also sure he would find a way to blame women and children again.

This group also wants the orphanages and institutions from the past to re-emerge. Something that I want to mention. As I was searching out my maternal grandfather, I found a 1930 census that shocked me. As I was looking at it, it was listing the children as inmates at a children's home. I so grossed out by that description. Gee Whiz!! How can young children be inmates? This wasn't a juvenile correction facility but a children's orphanage. And they want us to go back to that? How terrifying!!!!!

They also want to privatize adoptions. One of the reasons listed was they can be sued if there is a problem. One of the reasons why these groups want closed records is to hide the unsavory tactics of adoption agencies. I have read where one very unsavory agency offered to pay birthmothers $10,000 to give up their children. It has also been mentioned that the National Council for Adoption represents Adoption Agencies not adoptive parents. If they represented adoptive parents, they would not allow parents of any kind to be ripped off and hurt by the actions of adoption agencies. That is one thing that must be understood.

As I was also researching the NCFA, I looked up all their agencies on their website. One thing that I found interesting is that where there is open records state, they don't have too many adoption agencies. I also found out that my own adoption agency is not listed on their web site. Thank God!!!

The Heritage foundation also promotes the policy that women be stigmatized especially if they are poor and pregnant. They also promote policies that further restrict a parent's rights. They endorse laws that remove children from families for the littlest of reasons especially if they are poor. They also endorse the Adoption Uniform Act which criminalizes adoptee/birthparent searches. This law would prohibit searching for 99 years. Adoptees as a group are punished before an action is taken. We are judged before we even think to take any action.

We are property of the state in which we are born. I don't know about you but that bugs the living hell out of me. I am owned. One woman has denied me my entire medical history, genetic history, and my extended family. All because she can't face the lies of her life. Guess what dear woman I am now on a mission to open records in the state of Indiana. I will succeed. I won't let the moronic ideas of the NCFA and others stop me. You have some time but not much.

State legislators better stand up and listen. I won't stop until you have heard me and the millions of others out there like me. I won't let you ignore us because you want to deny me my rights. You have no legal basis to judge me on. I will see to it that you understand that.


Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodness there's Ethica - an organization that's the complete opposite of the one you describe.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, these people are horrible excuses for human beings.

Attila the Mom said...

Gak. "Let's just rip all those little bastards away from their single slut moms and give them to WORTHY families!"

That was pretty repulsive.

KingCranky II said...

Fantastic last paragraph on this post

Make them understand, make them burn from your righteous indignation, and make yourself as whole as possible

And Happy Mothers Day to you and the kids

They've got a GREAT mom, and I have no doubt you'll all make each other plenty proud throughout the rest of yur lives


your bud


Marley Greiner said...

Anyone who wants to fight the sealed system should be familiar with the NCFA Factbook 3. This was Bill's last hurrah and I'd be greatly surpirsed if such an egregious document comes this way again--especially out of the current nicer kinder NCFA regime. (Poor Tom Atwood had no idea what he hired on to! FB3 637 pages of outrageous, reactionary drivel. While I like to call it Mein Kampf, others refer to it as The Myth Book. The book was presented gratis to every member of Congress (among others) and it is THE book politicians go to in many cases to get their adoption "facts."

FB3 says it all. Amy, you might particiularly be interested in Pat Fagan's essay in the beginning of the book: "Adoption: the Best Option" followed by Cassie Bevan's Changing Laws and Culture to Reduce Barriers to Adoption" But that's just the tip of the iceberg!

The physical book is still available through NCFA or you might find some on Amazon. You can also download the book in pdf from the NCFA site. Go to and click on publications which will take you to the site.