Monday, February 19, 2007


I believe in the participating members of adoption should have access to all the records. Adoption agencies and their lobbyists should have no say what so ever in these laws. I ran into a case recently from my own agency that reeked of lies and corruption. Supposedly this woman was a ward of the state. There are no records of any such thing with the state. There are lies all over this woman's records. The more I think about my information, the more I realize that it is a lie. The more I read about how the women were treated in the maternity homes, the more I am disgusted. Supposedly my agency was the top of the line in Indiana. Well they were not the top of the line in the way they treated the mothers and subsequently how they treated adoptees. Our mothers were starved only fed three sparse meals a day. They were allowed no snacks. They were either sent to the attics of these homes to finish their education, forced to work for adoptive families without pay or reimbursement of any kind, forced to go forward with their lives without any emotional help or support, and forced down in the basement of a building to endure labor without any form of pain relief.

Then I hear of a woman who is fighting these laws that force honesty on these agencies. She wants to criminalize searching. She wants to make searchers illegal unless they are all bonded and registered with the state. I am sickened by her ideas. She is a very vindictive, angry and bitter. Her first mother has a better relationship with her daughter than she does. She would like to see her daughter give her child up for adoption. Uggh I am just sickened by her blog ( which I posted several posts below). I think the laws should be opened up. Instead of creating contact preference forms for just first parents, they should create them for adoptees as well. I do respect the wishes of those that don't want to search and reunite. I do understand those that just want their information, and nothing else. That is why the laws should be written searcher and searchee.

I feel for this woman's first mother. I can understand the disdain that this mother feels for her child. I hope that she realizes that she is hurting not only herself, her daughter, her first father and many others with her angry and vengeful writings to state legislators.


mia said...

I just spent a grueling twenty minutes reading that garbage on what's her names blog. I feel more nauseous than amazed.

I know it's a free country and all but you would THINK someone working that hard to change laws would EDUCATE themselves just a LITTLE. I mean come ON. To spend her time working to enact laws that would harm so many people, solely based on personal experience, is profoundly selfish and downright sad.

Never thought I would say this but I ALMOST hope that poor little baby doesn't HAVE to grow up with a hateful unloving grandmother like that anywhere near her. Hopefully her pregnant daughter will go live with her natural grandmother and leave this bitter creature in the dust. Can a natural grandmother adopt her own granddaughter? Gee I really hope so.

iris eyes said...

This woman is horrifying. she compares telemarketers to a persons relatives.

The telemarketing law was designed to protect people from annoying solicitors, not relatives or friends.

She is also wrong when implies that the adoptive family totally replaces the biological one in the law. While it is true that the 'as if born to' clause has been used to create the false birth certificate, and the adoptive "parents" are the 'legal parents' the law still recognizes that there is a connection between biological relatives. Laws have created CI programs, registries, and in some states there are open records to adoptees. There have always been some judges who would open records and had the discretion to do so.
Adoption has never been "total".