Sunday, February 18, 2007


I am presenting this blogger. She wants to present a new bill in Wisconsin. After reading her proposition, it seems that she wants something that is equivalent to a restraining order for those who search and want reunion. She is also pushing a registry which I know doesn't work. If it is anything like Indiana's version, she would have never known her first father. She wants all searchers ( does this include adoptees, adoptive parents, and first parents who search on their own) to be registered and bonded with the state. I have sent her links and many other informative information. Tell me what you think.


iris eyes said...

this blogger, Alisa, is one of the reasons why we have problems reaching lawmakers. These people are more numerous than you might think.

typically, they are the ones who decide, after the fact, that they "never wanted to be found or to search" and that they "need to be protected."

A certain number of people are disappointed in their reunions, for one reason or another.And some of them take it to the legislature.

I don't feel sorry for her, but she could grow up some, and accept the fact that in 'real life" people are not "protected from their mothers and fathers and children". She doesn't need special protection.

I am sure that Wisconsin has anti-harrassment laws. If she feels she is being harrassed she cna use those laws.

If her daughter likes the "new-found relatives" well, those ARE her daughters relatives. ...she ought to be able to know them.

Mom2One said...

What do I think? She takes her "this is what happened to me" and extrapolates "let's make a law about it." I think that equals OVERREACTION MUCH?!

Alisa clearly has too much time on her hands and doesn't know how to handle not getting along with birthmama.

This just lets those who are against opening records say, "see? See what horrors can happen?" Sheesh! Ridiculous!

This is a one case scenario that's All About ME!ME!ME! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!!!

iris eyes said...

besides the fact that registries don't work, there are still people who use them, and are disappointed that their reunion didn't work out happily.

One woman I talked to was angry that "no one had warned her" before she put her name on the registry.

This woman, Alisa, strikes me as one of those people who would complain no matter what.

She needs to grow up.

Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

After reading her comments to the people who posted on her main 360 page, I think she won't listen to any other side than her own. Her replies come off as 'thank you for giving me your side' over and over but she's set in stone. Like her heart, it seems.

What's the status of this bill or the overall mood like in Wisconsin? I'm wondering how this will be reacted to.