Sunday, February 18, 2007


The Stork Market: America’s Multi-Billion Dollar Unregulated AdoptionIndustry, a new exciting book by Mirah Riben, a mother who relinquished achild for adoption, with a Foreword by Evelyn Robinson, Australia, isavailable as of March 1, 2007 at mar·ket. (stôrk märkt) n.1. exposé of the corruption in the adoption industry; the fine line betweenblack and gray market adoption; scams, coercion and exploitation. report on the domestic and international markets where children arethe commodity and prices are based on quality (i.e. color, age, health). 3.examination of myths that put the needs of adults, and those who profit fromtheir desperation, before the needs of children who need homes. 4.extensively researched and documented book that asks if adoption can befixed—the money aspect removed—or abolished in favor of permanentguardianship, or informal adoption sans the issuance of falsified birthcertificates. 5. goes further than Riben’s groundbreaking award-winning“shedding light on...The Dark Side of Adoption” (1988). 6. reveals, for thefirst time in print, Riben’s role in the notorious Joel Steinberg murdercase.“Once again, as in Dark Side, Riben has exposed the unpleasant truths thatneed to be addressed in American adoption practices. While difficult, whenwe remove the rose-colored glasses many view adoption through, Riben’sconclusions are inarguable. Most impressive on every count....wellresearched and thought out.” Annette Baran, M.S.W.,L.C.S.W., co-author TheAdoption Triangle“Mirah Riben writes that she refuses to give up. This book—a wonderful andwell-integrated mix of approaches—part analysis, part case studies from thefront lines, part handbook, part up-to-date law and policy review —is atestament to Riben's powerful and enduring commitment to the rights andneeds of vulnerable women and their children. Riben's book is a clear,bright blueprint for change.” Rickie Solinger, historian and author ofPregnancy and Power: A Short History of Reproductive Politics in America“Combines the historical and legal perspective with really hard hittingjournalism.” Maureen Flatley, political consultant and media advisorspecializing in child welfare and adoption.The Stork Market Table of Contents is available at:<>

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