Sunday, March 25, 2007


Faux Claud never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes she just gets it. Here I have been pondering this very same topic. We have to get it together. All of our stories are different. All of our histories bring a different point of view. WE must have a centralized voice.

I got an email from a list that I am on. It set me on fire. The Gladney Center and a Ms. Heidi Cox told this person that she had better compromise on this new bill. Now I don't like this bill. It puts the adoptee at a financial disadvantage. It makes the adoptee financially responsible for the confidential intermediary. It also requires that first parents must give a full medical disclosure. It is also a contact veto, not a contact preference. If the first mother refuses contact, the adoptee gets nada. This group has compromised all that it can. It is not willing to compromise any further. Ms. Heidi Cox point blank said that she would kill this bill. I did forward the email onto my legislator here in Texas. Sorry folks this kind of tyranical, egomaniac type of person ticks me off royally.

This post is a call out for all of us. I am doing same thing as Faux Claud. WE need to stand up. The adoption agencies, attorneys, and their lobbyists are the ones writing these laws. We have the law cases backing us up. We just have to look at Oregon and Tennessee. Both of those court cases supported what we have been saying for years.

They have been putting out myths about us for years. We need to tell our stories. WE LIVE ADOPTION. The laws should reflect our choices. Not the choices of adoption agencies, attorneys, and their lobbyists. They profit from adoption. We don't. Its time for all of us to stand up and make them hear us.

99% of first parents don't want confidentiality. They will tell you that they were not promised it. There is no contract signed with that promise. What more proof does our legislators need? How many first parents do they have speak to understand this point? When many many women have suffered deep depression, post traumatic stress disorder, low self esteem, and many other things, isn't it time to change things? When adoptees want the answers lost to them, are we ever going to listen to them? It is time to change the laws in this country. It is not about those that profit from adoption. It is about those that live adoption. Let us make the laws that govern us.

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Attila The Mom said...

Really loved this, you mean, angry adoptee!

And if anyone wants to question you on your stats, just refer them here.

My adoptive mom was a product of the era, and refused to believe that birth parents who relinquished had any wish to find out what happened to thier children. She's learning.

You go, Girl!