Sunday, March 18, 2007


Memphis, TN -- After years of court battles, both in and out of the courtroom, a Chinese couple will finally get to know the daughter they haven't seen in many years. The first meeting between Jack and Casey He and their biological daughter, Anna took place Thursday.
"I said can you give me a hug and Casey can you give Casey a hug and she was hugging Casey and Casey was hugging and holding her," says Jack He after the meeting.
It is the first time Jack He has hugged his daughter in years. In fact, Thursday was the first time in nearly 8 years, Jack and Casey have had a conversation with their daughter, Anna Mae He.
"I think the natural bond is still there you know it's still there so I think this is the first step and it's a huge step toward the right direction," says Jack.
Jack he has worked at New Sardis Baptist Church for the last 2 months. Pastor LaSimba Gray says the church has embraced Jack and his family, including his soon to be newest addition, Anna.
"Jack is a part of the church family now, and he is a model employee," says Dr. Gray.
Jack says he and Casey are anxious to get to know their daughter who is now a thriving second grader who loves Math and Art.
"She told us she was interested in soccer she is very good at soccer and we ask her about her school she said she is very good at math and she is one of the top students in math and also she is very artistic," says Jack.
Jack says the meeting went much better than he and his wife expected. He says Anna wasn't crying, upset or even hostile. He also says she recognized her brother and sister, Andy and Avita.
"She could tell that Andy and Avita, her brother and sister, look like her. I said do you have any similarities in face? She said they look very similar. She told us mouth, nose ears," says Jack.
The next meeting will be Sunday. The place and time are being kept secret, but we do know this will be a meeting with Anna and her brother and sister, Avita and Andy.

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