Saturday, April 21, 2007


Okay so I went to the Texas website for the video viewing of the state representatives at work on the law that would allow 99% of adoptees access to their original birth certificate. One of the things that is really funny about all of this is that first parents do not have access to those records. Gladney is so hell bent on protecting those mothers. They even used the Baby Moses law in their testimony. Those first parents don't even have access to them. Kinda a ironic twist on things. The closed adoption system perpetrated by Gladney Adoption Center pushes protecting those poor women but yet they don't have access to it. Boggles the brain don't it.

You can view this yourselves at : Now I am keeping count with all of this. There are six people opposing this.

They are:

Heidi Cox, the representative from Gladney Adoption Center of course.
Sherry Evans, an adoption attorney
Diana Friedman, an adoption attorney
Wendy Burghour
Jim Robles

Everyone else was for it. A Linda Mendoza asked why won't these people tell us why they are against this. There was a 100 people who provided affadavits for this. Only 6 were against it. 94 were for it. Geraldine Harris, Texas state registrar, testified as neutral, but her testimony basically said that it would cost more money. Why is it that attorneys have more power with our lives than we do? Why do they get to say what is best for us without really asking us? When money has been the sole factor in our lives, money is still being allowed to affect human lives. What these legislators don't realize is that they consider adoptees ~ product, first parents ~ producers, and adoptive parents ~ gullible consumers. All the while they are the ones pocketing the money. They keep the negative in adoption. If adoption is so great why must it be kept in secret as one of those testifying said? Why indeed? I believe along with millions of others know why. It is to keep the tactics, terminology that they use behind our backs, coercion, lies, and corruption secret. Its has nothing to do with mothers, children, or even abortion.

One state representative asked if this was prospective or retrospective. Bill Betzen replied that it would be retrospective. This same person asked if the birth certificate was different and whether or not first parents have access to it. It supposedly has all the same information except that it says that it is a record of birth with the adoptive parents names. I liked that Katie Perkins, a social worker, stated that judges don't find medical reasons as reasons for just cause to open the records. Linda Mendoza will forever stick in my mind. She stated that the amended birth certificate is a state lie. She also stated that the closed adoption system continues to bring shame to the adoptee and his extended family. It discriminates against adult adoptees. I also praise her for asking why only a few of the representatives showed up for the committee meeting when adoptees and their extended families waited hours for them.

When the statistics from five states prove that open records increase adoption, when are they going to listen. When the statistics from five states prove that abortion has decreased in those states, when are they going to listen?

Gladney Adoption Center along with the National Council for Adoption is about business. They are about profit. They are about getting the product (adoptees) from the producers (first parents) no matter what the cost to those living adoption. Look at the advertisement from an adoptee's point of view. Look at all the advertisements from a first parents point of view. Then maybe you can see our point of view. When the adoptive parents spend years trying to understand what is going on with their children and the adoption agency involved won't help them, why is the secrecy allowed to continue? Why are we allowing these agencies to continue hurting people?

Texans need to stand up and make their voices heard. We need to tell those in charge that their choice to stop adoptee access laws that they are wrong and go against everything that is Texas.

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