Sunday, April 22, 2007


This will be triggering for those in adoption especially those living adoption. This came to me via an email that I do have permission to publish here. I have also been told that this attorney who testified in Allison Quets case. This is the attorney who was known in the Rashad Head case that you can read about in the November archives of this blog. Allison Quets overheard this woman calling children "PRODUCT." Yes she considers children product. She sees us as the proverbial buck for her to make no matter what the expense to those living adoption. Adoptive parents, you need to realize this too. They consider the child that you are hoping and praying to adopt as money to be made.

Here we are allowing adoption agencies and attorneys to make the laws in this country. They are doing this to our first parents. They treat human beings like we are nothing. Do you get it now? Do you really get it? Here you are pushing adoption but do you know what you are doing by promoting adoption in its current state? There is a dark side to adoption. There is no longer any way getting around it. We living adoption will no longer be silent. Gladney Adoption Center, NCFA and many others will continue to try to silence us but it won't happen. We are growing louder and angrier. We are adoption. WE are the adoptees, the first parents and the adoptive parents. We won't take your corruption, lies and deceipt any longer. Its time to vote honesty back into adoption. Its time to make it about children.


I, the undersigned Birth Mother, hereby acknowledge that I understand and agree to the following:

1. I have not arranged to place my *unborn child for adoption with any other lawyer, adoption agency, the Department of Children & Families, or adoptive family, or received any financial assistance of any kind from another lawyer, adoption agency, intermediary, or adoptive family.

2. I can receive pregnancy-related supportive counseling services at no cost to me.

3. I understand that the Intermediary, PATRICIA L. STROWBRIDGE, ESQ., must obtain approval from the Court for all pregnancy related expenses for myself and my *unborn child for adoption that are paid by the Intermediary on behalf of prospective adoptive parent(s).

4. I must give the PATRICIA L. STROWBRIDGE, ESQ. a minimum of two (2) working days notice of an allowable financial need or a change in an allowable financial need.

5. I must give PATRICIA L. STROWBRIDGE, ESQUIRE a receipt for each and every allowable expense, or I will not receive payment for that expense.

6. If I lose a bus pass or gift card, PATRICIA L. STROWBRIDGE, ESQ. will replace it only once.

7. I will provide PATRICIA L. STROWBRIDGE, ESQ. with copies of all bills I receive within 60 days of receipt of that bill that are related to my prenatal care, hospitalization and delivery or related to the child subject to adoption̢۪s hospitalization following birth. Any bills received that are dated more than one (1) year after the date of service will not be covered by Medicaid or any other health insurance that might be available.

8. I understand that PATRICIA L. STROWBRIDGE, ESQ. and/or the adoptive parent(s) will not be responsible for payment of any of my pregnancy-related medical or hospital bills or for the hospital bills related to the child subject to adoption which I do not give to PATRICIA L. STROWBRIDGE, ESQ. in a timely manner.

9. I will have to repay any sums paid to me or on my behalf by PATRICIA L. STROWBRIDGE, ESQ. or paid on behalf of prospective adoptive parent(s) if I decide to keep my child, challenge the Consent for Adoption after I sign it, or place the child for adoption with anyone other than the Intermediary, PATRICIA L. STROWBRIDGE, ESQ. after receiving monies from the Intermediary or paid on behalf of prospective adoptive parent(s).

__________________________________ *, Birth Mother Dated:____________________________*F:\Data\PLS,PA\ADMIN\NEW CLIENT INFO\ADOPTION\BIRTH PARENTS INTAKE PACKAGE\BM'S UNDERSTANDING OF FINANCIAL MATTERS-1 PAGE DOC.doc


Erin said...

The last condition I find the most sickening. Ugh, the whole thing. Ugh

c'est moi said...

the whole thing is repulsive..especially # 9. ugh. what if this attorney said to one pregnantwoman..i can not provide you with ANY financial support..nor can any prospective adoptive parents....that would be an unethical form of entrapment.

what i will do for you is this..send you an email with links to how to apply for medicaid to cover your prenatal expenses, links to community colleges or job training programs that offer grants and other monetary assistance(to expectant moms) while you prepare for motherhood. i will also send you links to obtain free groceries, if you are hungry, a place you can call if you need temporary shelter from abuse, i am sorry your family or beau is nonsupportive but there are some other options available. please look them over. they may not be your dream circumstance, but they are realistic, short term solutions. solutions to keep you whole as you await your precious baby's birth....and ya know what???

if none of these are suitable to me back.


patricia strowbridge, esq.(or whomever)

i mean horrifies me that women, underage children even...are lured into adoption, their babies are "product" and that in some cases i've read, these mothers are promised educations, flat screen tvs, heck you name it...and sadly enough...these expectant mothers turn to these people, because they SEEM kinder and gentler than their own families. :-(

little do they know ...little do they know.

thank you for posting this amy!!

Jen Co said...

The thing I found the most repulsive is that they referred to the unborn child as the "baby subject to adoption". There was no reference to the baby being any part of the expectant mother (ie: "your child").

Another thing I found startling was the part of the contract where the expectant mother was required to agree to repay any pregnancy related expenses if she chose to parent. I thought that was illegal.

I hope whoever reads that contract runs far and runs fast.


justfriends26 said...

My name is Paula and my husband and I used Patricia Strowbrige for our adoption and we were very pleased. I and the birth mom made friends through the pregnancy and we both agreed how great they were to work with. They took their time and explained everything to her and they did the same with me. I did have to send the birth mom money during her pregnancy and I did not mind at all and I do agree with number 9 about if the adoption does not go through you will have to pay back, because if they did not have that law then all people that need money would say they wanted to give their baby up and take the money while they are pregnant and then say they changed their mind once the baby was born. I think it just covers both parties because some couples have to dish out big bucks a month and to me it only makes sense. We were so pleased with Ms. Patricia and her staff that we are using her again for our second adoption that will be taken place at the end of March 2008!