Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Looky and read. She is really good. I love that she nails good and hard.


If you don't believe that coercion existed, read her. She will tell ya and she will tell ya good.


Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

That's one of my favorite blogs.

iris eyes said...

Adoption roadkill is correct.

Babies have been stolen for adoption purposes for decades and this is well-documented.

Researchers such as Rickie Solinger have written excellent books(Wake up Little Susie, Beggers and Choosers).

Oddly, it is not just the general public, nor adopted people, nor adoptive parents, but the coerced mothers themselves who often refuse to accept that they were stripped of their children illegally and that 'surrender of a child" in this fashion is nothing but a kidnapping.

I have worked in search/support for nearly 20 years now and am confronted on a daily basis by this 'Stockholm Syndrome-like" behavior in mothers.

Mothers who were forced to surrender their children back in the 60s and 70s still sometimes tell me that it was "voluntary" and they "feel guilty for choosing" and then they say "but I wouldn't have chosen except that the social workers told me they would terminate my rights in court if I didn't sign".

And that is exactly what would have happened too.I have met mothers who refused to sign....and the mothers were TPRed in court on "grounds of unfitness".

typicially, the baby had already been taken from the mother and was being withheld..none of this was "legal" ....but it happened all of the time and the courts permitted and condoned it.Hospitals had and still have Swers and judges on duty who can issue warrants to remove children from mothers and place them in foster care.

This is what was done....this was action on the part of social workers, hospital workers, courts, attorneys, and others...it was not "feelings."

These events were actual happenings and one of the biggest frustrations I have had working in reunion/search/support has been to try to get mothers to look outward instead of inward...we didn't lose our children because of "feelings'...we were targeted for the HWI market.

I wonder if anyone learns womens history in school...women didn't even get the vote in the USA until 1920. Discrimination against women in general was rampant in the middle of the 20th century.

It is not about "feelings."

Basically, this is about crime.

adoptionroadkill said...

adding you to my list of recommended blogs. wanna exchange links?