Monday, April 23, 2007


I really don't want to put up any news stories. I just have to though. It is important that the world sees how America treats its adoptees.

It is also important for me to make sure that those that can support Bill Betzen and those radicals for adoptee access in the protest of Gladney Adoption Center continue to do so. I support this protest 100%. Texans need to know that this agency is just as corrupt as the many others that support sealed records. This agency supports its own financial gain and only its financial gain. It does not support first parents right one little damn bit. It supports keeping its own secrets. They don't want society to know that they think adopted children are product, first parents are producers, and adoptive parents the gullible consumer.

Onto the news stories about adoption.

This one is about maternity homes and their resurgeance in American society. Oh no they don't want to take your children but if you can't pay your bills, we will take your child. Maternity homes should forever be banished. They tear down and destroy women and their children. They rob adoptive parents.

Mr. Lee Allen would have you believe that those precious birth mothers are in dire need to be protected from their wayward bastards. Shame on those children for wanting their truth. Its not theirs to have. Mr. Allen, its time that the NCFA start looking at the statistics. Sorry we won't shut up anymore. Nor will our mommies.

Looking for cost effective ways to shop for that elusive baby. Here it is. Epidemic of unwanted pregnancy, my happy little adoptee ass. Women are keeping their children. They are slowly learning that they don't want to be apart of an industry that destroys one family in order to create another.

Young couple hopes to adopt via MYSPACE. Their address in case you are tempted either to throw rocks are, wish them well or even barf on them. Here it is

All of this for your reading enjoyment and puking celebration. Love gang.


Anonymous said...

how America treats its adoptees

Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

I think they're at

There's some real hoots in that profile. There was a fake myspace profile I saw once about an.. um.. mentally challenged?... couple wanting to adopt. I wish I could find it again.

mia said...

Oh frick. I should know better than to come and click links like this (myspace) right after I eat.