Sunday, May 27, 2007


Not only do I bow my head in reference and thanks to veterans across this country but also to the many natural mothers who are not recognized. I will always remember her. How can I not? She is as much a part of me as my daughters are.

I met a Cheyenne Indian named Marvin a few years ago. I stunned him when I told him my daughters' names and why I named that. I got to see him again. Come to find out he is adopted just like me. His story is an interesting one. His mother was forced to give him up for adoption because of his dairy allergy. He needed additional care that she was having a tough time being about to do with four other children. It wasn't even an issue of abandonment. The doctor pretty much forced her. He was told that it was an issue of abandonment. It took a while for him to calm down about it. He was contacted by his sister about the issue. Both he and his natural family have been doing great ever since. They did a lot of this to the Indian Nations across the country.

Every time I think about stepping down, I get told another story. I run into another adoptee, natural mother or adoptive mother who want changes. I get told by all members living adoption that I need to continue the fight. So there is no going back to blissful ignorance for me. I can't and I don't know how do it. So here I go again.

I will be presenting additional stories of Gladney mothers in the future. I will also be writing and publishing letters to Texas and Indiana legislators. I will also be publishing their replies.

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