Wednesday, May 23, 2007

As I sit here typing this, I hear stomping on our storm shelter door. My delightfully humorous ponies are begging for me to come outside. I have decided to ignore them and write on my blog. Lord knows they will wake up my exhausted hubby. He has been working on other parts of the ranch doing what they call spring works. It is not easy dragging, flanking, and marking calves who are actually quite big and heavy. Some were actually looking to rub some snot on some poor cowboy's butt. Its enough to make ya laugh. The cowboys don't laugh but they do come home dragging and cranky. They are not a whole lot of fun to be around. You gotta love them for doing a hard day's work. These calves are big enough to knock down even our tallest, lankiest cowboys. Just as one of them did today. He did have a rough day. My hubby was runover by one spirited calf yesterday. Oops there go the dogs. I bet Junebug and Shorty are driving them nuts. They like to tease the dogs unmercifully.

Its needs to be mentioned that several important events have occurred this week. They can be read on Bastard Nation's website, and at Marley's blog, Http:// There is important announcements on both Hawaii and North Carolina.

Although I do realize that the North Carolina folks have worked hard on their bill, sadly its changed and morphed into a Confidential Intermediary law. It allows adoption agencies to act as a go-between adoptees and their natural families. First off, no telling what these agencies say to our parents. Second, it is not a matter of if they will charge. They will charge an exorbitant amount of money. The going rate is $1000.00. That is hard on people who are not wealthy. Third, it continues to allow adoption agencies control over our very lives. They want us considered incompetent by reason of adoption forever. Fourth, these agencies are the wolves that guard the very henhouse of mothers and children. Why should they be allowed to continue to profit off those living adoption? When you settle for this kind of bill, this is exactly what you get. Adoptees and their families are continually treated as property of the adoption agencies and the state. Why is the state of North Carolina in the business of regulating human lives and reactions? Should those relationships be even regulated? In every other sector of humanity human relationships are not property of the state. What makes us so criminal that we need to be regulated? It is the lies of adoption agencies and their ilk that continue this lie.

In Hawaii, the governor is taking on major heat because she refuses to sign off on a safe haven bill and making it law. We members of Bastard Nation commend her on her actions. Its is tough to honor the traditions of the Hawaii people. The tribes of Hawaii want their traditions honored as it should be.

The "Baby Dumpers Saviors - The Morrisseys" would have you believe otherwise. According to their article in the Hawaii reporter, the world, Oprah, Bill O' Reilly and many others will come down on her and her state. Somehow I don't think so. Oprah is far more worried about the plights of women's every day life. You can check out this editorial at this address: . Very harsh and mean spirited. They don't come across as rational people. Nancy Grace is a purely mean money grabbing attorney who doesn't know her head from a hole in the wall. Frankly that is probably what her brain is. A blank empty space that she fills with shit every now and then to keep from hearing the hallow sounds of the walls of her brain.

The so called Unintended Consequences report is by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. Adam Pertman and his people usually base their information on factual evidence. They do not base their information on hysterics as the Morrisseys do. That report can be found here: As far as his challenge of Adam Pertman, Mr. Pertman probably walked away from him because this man will not listen to common sense reasoning and facts. Mr. Pertman walked away from this man because he was more hysterical than a woman still on the rag on the verge of menopause. Sorry ladies for the gross vision and description. These people are filled with insanity.

So take a moment to read these articles and a few more. There are so many stories here and all over the world. Adoption news comes in many forms:,CST-NWS-brown23.article

So read, learn and enjoy. Then get up and do something about it.


mia said...

YOU........are a hero. And you're alive. And I love you dearly.

BethGo said...

I agree Amy.
You are my hero too.