Saturday, June 09, 2007


Okay yea I am an adoptee. No, I did not receive my pony as a kid. I married a cowboy in order to get my ponies. Although I didn't get a pool, because I married my cowboy, I get water tanks to swim in.

As I sit here typing this, Skunker as his name as morphed into, is sitting here watching me type this. He is about four weeks ago and an adorable little kitten. His mamma, Smudge, just had two babies this year. Skunkers has just discovered Pralines and Pecan ice cream. So as he licks my spoon, I again have to write about my ponies.

As my husband was putting new horseshoes on Barlight, the other boys come trotting up to see if they could get supper. Shorty, my beloved, led the pack. I always get my share of kisses and hugs from him and Togo. Deuce, our three year old, wanted some of that lovin' action. You know how boys are. My hubby had decided which two of our boys that he wanted. Deuce got caught real quick. Amazingly, the loop went around his neck and he put one hoof in the loop. This is a three old colt. He never even bucked or freaked out. Deuce compliantly came towards my husband to fix the loop. He took Deuce to the other pen and came back for the second gentleman. His choice was Junebug.

Junebug was having none of it. He gave chase around the pen. My husband finally got a loop on him. Junebug took another trot or two around the pens with my hubby hanging onto the rope. Finally enough was enough. Hubby held on and didn't budge. Junebug stopped and stood in front of him also not budging. Okay so something of Mexican standoff. Keep in mind this rope is around Junebug's neck and he wasn't moving period. He didn't want to go into the pens to have his shoes worked on. He wasn't having any of it. So my hubby leaned back and then Junebug leaned back. Hubby leaned back on his legs and Junebug did the same thing. All the while this rope is still around that goofy horse's neck. My hubby looks at me and says WTF. I am watching the standoff laughing hysterically. These two strong minded individuals are two peas in a pod. These two are perfectly matched horse and rider. Finally Junebug moves forward and follows my husband into the pen. I think Junebug had to protest. He and Deuce finally get the oats they both wanted. While this is all going on, Gino, the oldest fart in the bunch, is chowing down on oats. What a crew. What an incredible crew.

As I was going out for ice cream for me and my crew, I see a pair of eyes looking over the fence at me. His body was hidden by the ranch trailer. I just see his face. Junebug so wanted to be let loose. For now he is stuck in the pens. Not exactly resigned to his fate. I think my hubby will have hell with him tomorrow. Stay tuned for all the action packed details.

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