Saturday, February 23, 2008


Anyone ever heard Heart"s song called Rage? That is what I have been feeling all day. I heard the screaming guitar with Ann Wilson's voice singing Rage in my head all day. I don't like listening to that song all that much these days because I can redirect my anger usually. Today I just couldn't. I have a listing over at this registry. I changed things up over there. It seems that someone has been hitting it regular like. That is frustrating enough.

I have also been dicking around with my search again. Just using the basic facts. Scanning through the records at I have access to a couple other data bases. I have friends. Too bad that Indiana isn't like Texas. You see Texas has a birth, marriage, divorce and death indices. Its all public record. It would be so easy. I feel like its all right there in front of me but I can't see it. I can't see the truth. Funny thing is that it has been a reoccurring nightmare for me for years. Like something or someone was following me but I just could not see what it was. Every time I looked around to see what it was, I became blind.

One of the groups that I am in, Looking Indiana, let the flood gates loose. A whole barrage of emails came out. There was a few new folks. Same story. I really felt their pain. I really do. To read the words of natural mothers and adoptees is like reading into my own soul. The despair and hurt is rampant in their words.

One email struck me as sad and pathetic in some ways. This individual was searching and had given up. They decided that they were a happy adoptee. It just brought the spew of rage at the adoption industry forward. How can anyone be happy at being controlled and owned by the state of Indiana? How can someone just sit there and accept what their fate is in life? I for one am sick of being treated like this? Its my fucking life here folks. I am not going to sit here and take it like a good little happy adoptee.

People in Indiana need to stand up to the fools like State Senator Robert Meeks. This fool told me that we need to protect "birthmothers from their unwanted children." Its time idiots like this State Senator listen to those living adoption. Its time for him to do what he is paid to do. Its time for him to stop taking kickbacks from adoption agencies and attorneys. These folks deal in human trafficking. Its time for those folks to answer to those of us that they have decided to possess. He needs to hear that allowing adoptees access to their own original birth certificates increases adoption. Its time for folks like him to understand that this also decreases abortions. Its time for folks like him and others to understand that they don't speak for the millions of mothers and fathers who have lost children to adoption. Its time for folks like him to realize that 99% of natural parents want to hear from those children. Its time for folks like him to realize that adoption is a transfer of rights. This includes this so called familial right to privacy. Its time for folks like him to realize natural parents were not promised this nor do they want it from their children. They may want it from the adoption agencies and attorneys but not from their children. In Roe vs. Wade, the right to privacy was about the right to be free from governmental intrusion. In parenting, contraception and even abortion, a woman is exercising her right to familial privacy. Once a child is born, this creates TWO individuals with equal rights. Somehow in the adoption process, the child loses his rights. The child becomes forever property of the state and the adoption agency. This is done to protect the adoption agencies and attorneys from repercussions.

Why don't you folks stand up against these assholes?


Gershom Kaligawa said...

Raging right here with you sister.

Sunny said...

I feel your rage, babe. And if I'd won that $82M lottery prize like those people in GA did, I would pay your Kinsolving fee!