Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The talk of the adoption world besides Guatemala and a few other countries is of course adoptee access to their records. There are actually four states with heated conversations going on. The NCFA is at their finest. They are spreading the same crap as always. They had better watch it this time. The mothers out there are sick and tired of them speaking for them. The NCFA expects the mothers to stay quiet. It tain't gonna happen though. Mothers are coming out in record numbers in these states to prove them wrong.

Here are the facts:

  • 99% of natural mothers and fathers want contact from their children.
  • Adoptee access to their own OBC is a civil rights issue.
  • Denial of this civil right is a violation of the adoptee's right to privacy. In other words, the adoptee is having his/her life being intruded and legislated by the state.
  • Denial of this civil right is also a violation of the adopte's fourth amendment rights. The state is holding the adoptee's original birth certificate in seizure on the presumption of harm.
  • In states that have adoptee access, abortion has gone down.
  • In states that have adoptee access, adoption is on the rise. Why? BECAUSE THESE MOTHERS WANT TO KNOW THEIR CHILDREN ARE SAFE. Otherwise abortion is a better option for them.
  • Why is it also that the NCFA member agencies offer open adoptions if they didn't work for the mothers and the children? Excuse me its because these mothers don't want to spend the rest of their lives never knowing their children.
  • Think about this question asked by a natural mother. If adoption is so great which child are you willing to give up? If none, then you need to rethink adoptee access.
Legislative updates on these states according to the news. It was even in USA Today.

New Jersey has had numerous articles about theirs. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. There is still more out there to be read. Many of us in the adoption underground movement have left our mark on the comments sections and in letters to the editor of each of these newspapers.

Michigan also has had numberous articles about theirs. Here. Here. Here. Here. You can also check Michigan Open for further information.

Minnesota has their share too. Here. Here. Here.

Illinois again too. Here. Here. Here. As far as this one, you really need to read these two bloggers to get a real feel for them. Grannie Annie and The Daily Bastardette.

Missouri again too. Check out Addie Pray's blog to get a jist of that one.

New York is picking up steam on their bill. Here. Please also check out Unsealed Initiative.

By the way, all the links to the left support adoptee access. Geez that is alot of people. I still need to add a ton more. When are the legislators going to start listening us? Sadly most of these bills are contact veto/disclosure bills?

On a final note, the non adopted citizen doesn't have to ask his/her parents for access to their birth certificates why do we? This is discrimination based on the status of our birth.

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Anonymous said...

This was just in the Minneapolis Star Tribune this week, too.

I will call my state legislators. Thank you for highlighting this issue.

When my son was born, two years ago, I was disturbed to learn that not only did we have to find a notary to witness his father's statement of paternity before both parents could be on the birth certificate (because we aren't married), I could have sealed his birth certificate just by checking a box on the form. Poof! You don't exist.