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Remember this gal? I wrote about her a while back. I even had the LDS Church hit my blog concerning this woman. Well another story came out about her and the wicked story behind it. If you read the comments on this story, you will find something very very interesting. She is a member of the Utah Adoption Council.

Prosecutors amend charges in adoption records theft

FARMINGTON - A North Ogden woman who prosecutors say stole hundreds of confidential adoption records from the 2nd District Courthouse is facing new charges that could result in more prison time.
Jill Ekstrom, 43, was charged with second-degree felony theft in January. Prosecutors say she stole the records to sell them to adopted children who hoped to identify their biological parents.
Instead of a felony, prosecutors have amended that charge to include 21 counts of altering public records, a class A misdemeanor. Each count of altering public records is punishable by up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine, making Ekstrom eligible for as many as 21 years in prison if convicted.
Under the original charge, Ekstrom would have faced a maximum sentence of 15 years if convicted.
"How do I put a value on somebody's privacy?" deputy Davis County attorney Rick Westmoreland said Tuesday. "There's a reason those records are sealed."
Ekstrom's attorney, Dee Smith, said Ekstrom will plead not guilty to the charges. Smith said he's pleased that the felony charge has been dropped in favor of the misdemeanor charges.
"If she was convicted, it's better to be convicted of a misdemeanor regardless of then number than a felony because of the special consequences that go with being a convicted felon," Smith said Wednesday.
According to a probable cause statement filed with the criminal charges, Ekstrom is accused of going through microfilm records at the courthouse in February 2006.
"Shortly thereafter, clerks found microfilm involving several hundred cases concerning adoptions were missing, which were in the same area defendant had been seen," Davis County sheriff's deputy Jon West wrote.
"Defendant was found to have a business which helped people locate natural parents of adoptive children. A sting was set up where defendant was contacted on behalf of one of the missing files. Defendant charged $850 to find the natural parents and was able to locate the mother of the adopted child."
The charging documents say Ekstrom's daughter told police that her mother had between a dozen and 50 rolls of microfilm in her possession from the Farmington courthouse and the LDS Family History Center.
Ekstrom's work is not illegal, if both parties agree to it. She could also petition a judge to unseal part or all of an adoption record on behalf of one of her clients. Under Utah law, adoption records are sealed for 100 years. The Utah Department of Health's vital statistics bureau operates a "mutual consent voluntary adoption registry" which releases information only when both sides register and both sides are over 21.
Ekstrom is scheduled to appear in court on the charges on Monday in Brigham City's 1st District Court. The case was transferred there because of the Farmington courthouse's involvement in the case.

What makes this story so interesting is the Utah Adoption Council. Now I now that Larry Jenkins of Wood Crapo LLC law firm is a member of that group. I also bet money that James Webb, owner of American Center of Choice is probably a member as well. James Webb is also an insurance agent and the former owner of the now defunct Heart of Gold Adoption Services out of California. I have seen many reports on that agency. That agency liked to screw over prospective adoptive parents. I found out recently that another of their members, Dale M. Dorius, committed legal malpractices by not filing on the putative father registry for a friend. Hmmm me thinks someone was trying to screw over a father so he could protect his buddies. Both Larry Jenkins and Dale Dorius are members of this group, American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. The Utah Adoption Council by the way is also housed at LDS Social Services. LDS Social Services is also members of the National Council of Adoption. James Webb also worked with JennaLee Ryan. She then transferred to Texas to start her own agency, The Abraham Center of Life and A Abagail's Silver Spoons Adoption Services which she operates out of her home. This woman facilitates for the agencies listed above. Boy does something stink here. The concentric circles are making me dizzy.

All I can say is those of us in the adoption underworld will remember and continue to fight for these folks. Prospective adoptive parents and natural parents ~ if you want assure your rights are protected, DON'T USE THESE FOLKS LISTED ABOVE.

These are the current list of folks fighting these agencies.

Camira Bailey, LDS Social Services
Cody O'Dea, American Center of Choice
Brynden Ayre, American Center of Choice
Joshua Simmerson, American Center of Choice
Shawn McDonald, LDS Social Services
Matt Tenneson, LDS Social Services

If you want more cases involving LDS Social Services and American Center of Choice, read here, too.

We are watching you.


Anonymous said...

Here is a copy of a letter sent to every member of Wyomings State Legislature on behalf of Cody O'Dea.

I highly suggest that all the legislators in Wyoming contact the Utah Court of Appeals and ask for a copy of Cody O'Dea case number 20040065. In the Brief of Appellee filed by the attorneys for The Adoption Center of Choice it states the following on page 21.


MR. O'Dea's argument that the district court erred by not affording full faith and credit to his registration with the Wyoming Putative Father Registry is incorrect. Registration with a putative father registry does not perfect a person's right to his child."

So much for one state's recognition of another states laws. So much for the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children's Act. So much for the rights afforded fathers by the United States Constitution to our own children.

I would like you to please look at the following links. It will demonstrate the need for the Federal Government and the State of Wyoming to step in and investigate the Cody O'Dea case.,5143,695239852,00.html,5143,695251856,00.html,1442,650209612,00.html “Owner of The Adoption Center of Choice and many other adoption agencies.

Anonymous said...

WRONG!!!!! You need to check your facts. UAC is not run, controlled, "housed," or affilitated with the LDS church.

As stated on its website:

"Utah Adoption Council is a non-profit, all volunteer organization of adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, agencies and community groups supportive of adoption."

Anyone interested in adoption, LDS or non-LDS, may join UAC and vote at its meetings. (Including you if you would like.) The council meets monthy at the State of Utah Dept. of Health and Family Services building in SLC.

You are sadly mistaken in thinking that UAC is a conspiracy of some sort. Of course all those people you mentioned are members of UAC because they are interested in adoption!

I applaud your efforts to promote your agenda but you should at least try to get your facts straight. It would give you more credibility.


This is where you are wrong.

Explain this then.

There has been a change of address since the brochure was printed please mail your registration to LDS Family Services, 5698 W. Glen Eagle Dr., West Valley City, Utah 84128

Marley Greiner said...

There's a new article out on Jill today. I just posted a comment on it.,5143,695262384,00.html It is archived permanelthy on Adoptee Rights News Blog

Anonymous said...

It's The Adoption Center of Choice.
Not The American Center of Choice.
And I bet every member of Wyomings legisture took that letter that was mailed on "behalf of Cody O'dea, but almost certainly not BY Cody O'dea and "round" filed it under "crazy."
What a rambling piece of garbage.Someone has a major persecution complex!


First off They are the American Center of Choice. I checked. You must be the adopters or the ex girlfriend. Second, you must also explain the long list of people who have fought this agency. The state of Illinois banned this agency and several others from practicing adoption. You chose to go to that agency. Its not just Cody O'Dea. Its also Bryn Ayre and Joshua Simmerson. What you are doing is going to catch up with you. This isn't crap. YOu might be but they aren't. You violated their rights. I don't know how you sleep at night.