Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Dr. Phil show did a show on Bryce Carkhuff. I have been following his story and speaking with him on his fight. Bryce is far from perfect but in my heart, I believe that he is a good man. Watching the show really made me realize how tough these folks have been on him. I remember one phone call with him. We talked about how my natural father felt at my relinquishment. He said that he felt as devastated as he did over this situation. I was exposed to his most raw emotion. He knows that he will find his daughter once she turns eighteen. He doesn't want to lose the most important moments of her life now. To know that my father probably felt this way leaves me raw and in pain.

I can not believe that her father, Dylane, actually stated that he felt his daughter was raped. Esther actually spoke up and said that she wasn't raped. She admitted to pursuing him. I was stunned that Dylane actually stated that he would have his daughter abort if he fought the adoption. From the show it was very obvious that they took advantage of this man. Took advantage and robbed him of his parenthood. Robbed his daughter the chance to know her father.

I wonder if these folks realize how angry this little girl will be once she becomes an adult. So if the adopters, Esther and her family are reading this blog, she is gonna blow big time. You denied her rights to be raised by her father. You are doing and saying every thing you can to humiliate her father. Do you realize this? You only gave him four hours with his daughter, Autumn Faith. Yes I will use the name he gave her here. That is an awesome name. It will show her strength and patience in understanding your actions.

Ms. Carkhuff, you are one hell of a woman. I absolutely loved his mother. She was so cool. She nailed it home too. I am proud of you. I pray for the both of you. I pray that the Appellant courts will listen to both of you. I hope the voice of reason fills the justices heads.

Dr. Phil had it wrong on only one account. The battle is not won yet. There will be appeals. The adoption is thus not finalized. The adopters do not have more rights to his child than he does.

Shame on Esther, her family, the adopters and the attorney involved. One day justice will prevail. Are you ready for what your actions caused?


Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

Beautiful Amy

I saw the show, and felt so horrible for the Carkhuff's.

That Dylane was a real tool. What he said is now recorded forever, in transcripts and on video. One day his granddaughter will hear or read his statements, about having her aborted, and she'll know her own grandfather wanted her given away or never born. That breaks my heart.

And Ms. Carkhuff was awesome, wasn't she? She's someone I'd be proud to call gramma.

r_match30 said...

I just had to post something after watching the Dr. Phil show! It's really time to make the main focus here this child. This child is going to be denied the right to have her father be her father over some stupid law? It sounds ridiculous even typing that! This little girl will not look back and say "I wish I would have got to know the adopted parents that my mother picked out for me", she will say or think "why didn't I get to be with my dad?" Everyone wants to be "right fighters" and not consider that the right thing to do is sit down and think how all of this will affect the innocent little girl trapped in the middle and come up with a plan that will put this child first, one that really considers the future of this child and how she will feel growing up and how she will feel when she's an adult and realizes the decision the people made in her life for her. Who will stand up and be the hero here? Who will say I care more for the child than being right and that my own agenda is not what I should be fighting for but, instead I will consider what's truly best for this child. I do believe in my heart that she should be with the father that wants her. Even if Bryce is monitored to assure he will not return to his checkered past. I do believe people change and should be given the opportunity to change instead of beating them over the head with past mistakes and losing sight of the changes that have already occurred. Adoption should never be based on getting back at the other parent or so that you can feel you control the situation. In my opinion the decision to have this child adopted was all for selfish reasons from the mother being spiteful because the father didn't want to go along with her plans and not wanting the responsibility, to the grandparents who feel this pregnancy made then look bad as parents. Then to give this child to their buddies? Very strange! Why aren't the adopted parents saying this child was given to us under wrong circumstances and it wouldn't be fair to her. The question that keeps coming up in my head is why didn't the grandparents just assist in raising their granddaughter? Would this in some way tarnish their image? Everyone keeps screaming this little girl needs to have 2 parents well I seen 3 Grandparents and 2 parents sitting on the stage and now 2 adopted parents...What's wrong with all of them assisting in raising this little girl? And how is adopting her to a 2 parent family guaranteeing she will be raised by a 2 parent household? People die everyday, people divorce, lives change. I really think that's a ridiculous statement that this child needed 2 parents and that's the reason for the adoption! I would really like to find out if Bryce Carkhuff has a site or a way for people to donate money to assist him in being able to appeal the decision the courts made or if there's a petition that can be signed by everyone that feels this is an outrage!


I don't know if he has a website or donation thing setup yet. I know that he is working on it. One little bit that most don't know is that the adopters tried to buy his daughter from him. Maybe I should say that they tried to buy his relinquishment. The entire situation is bad. I know most folks look at his past. Well that is reason enough. I know many folks who have had bad pasts but when it comes to their children, its a whole another ball game.
They step up to the plate and hit it out of the ballpark.