Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I know many bloggers have google alerts for many things. I usually have google alerts for certain key words: birth certificate, adoptee, adoption, birthmother, adoptive parents and other key words.

This blogger came up on my alerts for this keyword and blogging. He is discussing voter rights in Indiana. He quotes another article. His article brings up critical points for us adoptees. Our amended birth certificates look odd in comparison to the non adopted. I have heard stories where the adopted have had to prove their identity with the federal government. Even the non adopted have had this issue because they have no birth certificates. In this article, the voter must have their original birth certificates. I would hope that a certified copy would work. I have two certified copies of my amended birth certificate. One of course was for personal use. I am going to eventually do a family scrap book where I can put all of my family's history in it. The other of course is for proving that I am an American citizen.

It is getting harder to prove that you are a citizen. These kind of tactics hurt all but adoptees get hurt even worse. Not only is it getting harder for us to get passports but now we may not be able to vote. Allowing adoptee access to their records could help us prove this information. The fight against adoptee access seems to be determined to make us into property that is exchanged. How many adoptees must have their rights violated before the state governments stop and listen to us?

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