Wednesday, April 30, 2008


There are several newspaper articles out there. Here is another one as well. Evidently Minnesota Senators are speaking with the president of Guatemala. Now with Vietnam shutting down their adoptions on July 1st, prospective adoptive parents are contacting their legislators all over the country.

I don't want to really blast adoptive parents. I guess that I have no choice though. Do you realize that you are causing this kind of thing? You are causing the demand for these children. You are causing the corruption in these countries. The adoption agencies want the money so badly that they will do anything to get it. When these agencies support the orphanages in these countries, they are wanting children. They are not in it for the children's sake. They are in it to get children for YOU.

Can you at least stop and look at it from my point of view? When your adopted child grows up, they will find out about the corruption and the deception. Is fair to your child to find out about this situation? To find out that their natural parents were forced into giving them up. If you are adopting children that have been hurt by the system that they live in, why aren't you adopting from the foster care system then? The issues are just the same as in these other countries. At least here you can find out the history of your child.

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Well said.