Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I wasn't really going to post much more about any of this issue until I read the statistics on my sitemeter. What I saw made me gag. There are actually people checking to see if any of these 400 plus children have been put up for adoption yet. Excuse me but seriously how can anyone even seriously begin to think this way blows my mind. The entitled pre adoptive parents are coming out in droves. I do wonder what they will do with the pregnant teenage girls and the girls who have children already. I don't think adoption is even an option for these folks for at least a year. Texas has to handle all of this with special care.

The Utah papers are blasting the judge, the Texas Rangers, and the Child Protective Services of Texas. You can find the articles here, here, and here. The comments alone are horrifying. This sect is not being targeted because of its religion. This sect is being targeted because they committed crimes against children and women. The Catholic Church was popped for their crimes against children. Should it be any less for the FLDS? I don't think so. This FLDS sect broke the law on numerous occasions. Their religion doesn't relieve them from being prosecuted for their crimes. Every religion in the United States must follow both state and federal laws. End of question.

I had heard that this sect has hired TWELVE attorneys to fight this. They want the evidence found thrown out because the raid violated their civil rights. It violates their right to practice their own religion as they see fit. I don't think that they are going to get that done. They broke the law.

One member of FLDS in the panhandle of Texas has been crying "religious persecution." This group has forced pubescent girls to spiritually marry older men. One attorney for this group has said that it is part of its religious tenet. Sorry dude, its a violation of Texas law.

There is also reports of a bed in the temple with a long hair in it. The bed is reported to have been disturbed. I am sure that DNA testing will be done. Its pretty scary that they use the bed in the temple to break those girls in.



Anonymous said...

Smells like they're burning the witches again. not to mention that it was legal in Utah for 14 yrs old to marry (with parental consent) until about 2 yrs ago when the lesbians, feminists and their enablers got attorney general mark "zeig heil" shurtleff to raise the age.

oppressors always resort to making the religion of their enemies a crime. Isn't that what happened in babylon under nebachadnezer? weren't the jews almost exterminated because they refused to worhip the king ahead of god? note: the enemies of the jews had nebachadnezer enact a law requiring that only the king could be worshiped. it was the death penalty to worship god.

if it was okay to marry a 14 year old two years ago then it is okay today--the only thing that has changed is that the lesbians and feminist managed to amend the marriage statute. is time to amend it back.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Agencies and paps are already looking to adopt these children? My guess is they ALL have mothers, likely underage traumatized mothers, but mothers. Think about was a CLOSED community. Where would the mothers go?

But ya, makes sense with the entitled mentality...grab the kids while the mothers are down.

And, btw, I am not willing to offer ANY rights to the adult fathers who raped these young women...except for genetic history. Not that anyone asked me ;)



Anonymous #1 you are one sick fuck. This isn't about religion. Its against the LAW in TEXAS to do this sort of thing. I spoke with a police officer and a Texas Ranger this morning. Girls are not allowed to get marred until 18. They can get married at age 16 with parental consent and special circumstances. There isn't a Church in this country that forces girls to marry older men but yours. Its not feminists or the lesbians that caused the change in the law. Its all of us men and women who think that this is disgusting.