Thursday, April 10, 2008


This blog had an anonymous commenter stop by and leave a horrifying note. I figured that I would just turn this commenter over to my readers. I will let them vilify you. I may get mad at the entitled adopters. Even they don't like folks like you. I may even have adoption agencies come by to harass me but they will do a much better job at shaking you down than I ever could. I will however leave my commentary after I post the comment here on the front page of my blog. You are one nasty son of a bitch.

Here is the comment:

Smells like they're burning the witches again. not to mention that it was legal in Utah for 14 yrs old to marry (with parental consent) until about 2 yrs ago when the lesbians, feminists and their enablers got attorney general mark "zeig heil" shurtleff to raise the age.

oppressors always resort to making the religion of their enemies a crime. Isn't that what happened in babylon under nebachadnezer? weren't the jews almost exterminated because they refused to worhip the king ahead of god? note: the enemies of the jews had nebachadnezer enact a law requiring that only the king could be worshiped. it was the death penalty to worship god.

if it was okay to marry a 14 year old two years ago then it is okay today--the only thing that has changed is that the lesbians and feminist managed to amend the marriage statute. is time to amend it back.

My response to this comment:

FIRST AND FOREMOST, THIS SECT WAS IN TEXAS, NOT UTAH. This sect MUST follow Texas law. All of the other religions in the state of Texas are expected to do the same thing. Follow TEXAS LAW. I do want you to know that I got your ip address. I have turned all of it over to Law enforcement here in Texas. From what I understand from a dear family friend who is a cop, the legal marrying age in Texas is 18 unless there is extenuating circumstances like pregnancy. That changes to the age of 16 with parental consent. There is no such thing as a "spiritual marriage." You have to be legally married in the eyes of Texas law. The marriage must be filed with Texas Vital Statistics Department. I spoke with another member of law enforcement that told me that this sect was under investigation for four to five years.

Feminists and Lesbians changed the law. This sounds like you are attacking women in general here. You are lumping all of us under one group. Lets see. I think the Baptists, the Catholics, the Methodists, the Presbyterians, the Muslims, and other religions are all pissed at what this sect has done.

This is not about religion. This is about physical abuse, sexual abuse and rape. You can believe in polygamy all you want as long as its ONLY adults involved. When you involve minors, it becomes a crime. In Texas we are not very tolerant of religious sects that do this kind of thing. So go blow it out your ass.

Okay everyone have at him.


Researcher said...

Religious person here standing up to say, "there is NEVER EVER a religious reason to sexually abuse children. Sorry poster, but some 'religions' aren't religions but are abusive cults. I see FLDS as an abusive cult."

Freedom of religion does not, nor has it ever included, freedom to abuse children. Nor should it EVER include that.

Thanks for not letting me miss this comment, Amy.

Randy said...

What a dipshit. The fact that this idiot can tell Texas from Utah suggests that perhaps he needs to revisit the Third Grade.

Certainly it would come as a surprise to AG Shurtleff and the overwhelmingly male, LDS, Republican Utah Legislature that they have been bamboozled by a cabal of Lesbians and feminists. What has happened in Utah and Arizona in recent years is a change in outlook as to how the authorities in those states view polygamy. The Tom Greene case seems to have been the catalyst. Polygamy used to be viewed as an embarrassing remnant of the Mormon past--certainly no sane person believes that the LDS Church is going to take it up again--yet as a religious practice, however it was practiced. Now the authorities look past the religious rationalizations preached by groups like the FLDS and see child abuse, plain and simple. There are some polygamist groups in Utah that comform with age-of-consent laws; those groups are likely to be left alone.

HeatherRainbow said...

Oftentimes, people who are seriously confused about who the oppressors are and who the victims are, are indeed a part of an abusive cult. This poster is clearly one of those people.

In many states, sex with a minor (anyone under 18) can be charged with rape of a minor. And, if a 30+ year old man can be content with a 14 year old, then that man has some issues, likely severe emotional disabilities.

Do you feel Threatened by feminists and lesbians? Like, they are taking away your control and power over those much weaker than you? Do you feel weak, because the only people that You prey on are young and vulnerable?

Start standing up to the people who abused you, do not continue the cycle of abuse. You are SICK. You NEED HELP. If you do not Get Help and stay far away from children, then you should be IN JAIL.

Gershom said...

Now we have proof of what happens when a sick old perve can't legally violate young little girls anymore.

that was just sick.

And please please don't pray for me or any of us here, because I hear that coming in a future reply by Mr.Anon. Pray for yourself you need it.

Mia said...

Hard to believe we walk among such twisted people isn't it? It makes me wonder what kind of history this guy has that he would have such a vastly warped sense of reality and absolutely NO sense of right from wrong. Eeekkkk! Let's just hope he's impotent.